Monday, October 8, 2012

Could Little Peep Have ADD?

Little Peep is growing and she is more of a Big Peep now. Her name will not be changing; she knows her name when called. Little Peep lives in her own chicken world. She ignores the other girls and has no interest in the up and coming rooster in her flock. Little Peep just keeps pecking along, minding her business, at times stopping to stare at something. What goes on in that chicken head of hers? Was she damaged emotionally because she was hatched out by a duck?
Perhaps Little Peep is just easily fascinated. When the rest of the flock is walking around the yard, Little Peep is more interested in watching what is going on around her. The other girls know where the good worms are, but Little Peep just stands there staring. She watches Emmett, the birds, the cat, the dog, me anything that happens to catch her attention. She is also easily distracted, and sees little danger in the world around her. Meaning that when she is outside of the pen, we must be there too, or disaster would surely happen. What is she thinking?
What is going on in that chicken head of hers? It probably goes something like this – oh look a pretty bird, cats are funny looking, I should scratch for some bugs, why do bugs have so many legs, look at the goat, why don’t people have wings, the sun is warm, have I been standing here too long, cats are funny looking, did I just think about that, oh well the sun is warm, look at the pretty bird. Could Little Peep have ADD in addition to being emotionally damaged?
She wouldn’t have made a good Chicken Little because she couldn’t remember to tell everyone that the sky was falling. Little Peep would look up and notice a cloud and then something else would catch her attention.
Maybe Little Peep is smarter than we think. Perhaps she knows that she lives in a place where a crippled chicken and duck, one silly goat, and a ridiculous rabbit named Pansy have lived. She knows that she doesn’t have to be perfect to live here and she is perfectly happy, if she can remember that. After all Miss Ceelie, Clover, Pansy and Hoppy called this place home; Little Peep is merely another name to add to the interesting characters we have cared for.


  1. We have a goose that was taken from his mama early and raised with the chickens. The gaggle never accepted him and he is always looking so sad. Perhaps Little Peep knows she's different? Cute story -- I hope she gets back in the group for her own safety.

    1. Little Peep probably does know that she is different! She is always kept in a safe place, she just seems to live in her own little world. She does not socialize with the others, haven't known what to do there. Thanks Nancy!!!

  2. Well, I think Little Peep is a hoot! Or is that a cluck? :) Who knows what she is thinking. She just soaking up all around her! But like Nancy, I hope she's stays inside the pen.
    Thank you for your kind words to me today.
    You are a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Maybe she is a hoot and a cluck!! She will be inside the pen unless we are right there with her!! Thanks Shelia, you always make me smile!!!


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