Monday, October 22, 2012

Does Little Peep Have 9 Lives?

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They say that cats have 9 lives, Little Peep was wondering if she too had 9 lives. Little Peep often finds herself in trouble, and her life has been saved 4 times. If she has 9 lives, then she needs to slow down.
This past Wednesday, I walked out to check on everyone and there was no Little Peep. I counted chickens and called her name. Little Peep comes running when she hears her name, so this was strange. I counted again and everyone was accounted for, with the exception of Little Peep. There was no way that she could have unlocked the door and flew away. The fence was intact and there were no escape holes visible.
The sinking feeling that something bad happened washed over me and my mind played back the images of the last few months of Little Peep growing up. The first image was Kevin holding the almost dead, partially hatched chick in his hand, which we placed in the incubator hoping she would live. Little Peep may be guilty of living in her own little chicken world, but she never misses the opportunity to get a treat.
This was disturbing. Then I noticed a few white feathers on the ground near the laying boxes. Looking behind the boxes, I saw a fluffy chicken bottom and a leg. “Oh no, Little Peep” I cried, hearing her name, she moved her leg. With strength that came from an unexplained place, I moved the laying boxes, and gently picked up the injured chicken. Little Peep looked up at me gratefully, and made chicken noises, as if to tell me that it was not fun being upside down, and those Silver Laced Wynadotts are mean!
She was missing some of the feathers on her neck and had to have medication sprayed on her. She is spending a few days in the chicken hospital or the brooder rather, and will be fine. Perhaps it is time for the mean girls to find a new home.
The ability of an animal to persevere amazes me. Life’s unexpected storms will not change their course. They have their goals and forge on. There is much to learn from them if we slow down and pay attention. These animals teach and inspire me daily. Little Peep will be fine this time. Our next adventure waits for another day.


  1. Great post and story! I am so glad little Peep will be fine..this time. Don't the chickens know bullying is not acceptable?!

    1. Perhaps I need to educate those mean girls about bullying! Chickens can be so mean to each other, I always feel bad for the victim of their mean ways!

      Thanks Sandy!! Little Peep continues to improve. Scared to think about what our next "adventure" will be!!


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