Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Musing - Find A Hungry Bachelor Quick!

Bachelors seem to appreciate home cooking more than married men. As my husband was leaving the table recently, I asked if he liked his supper. “Huh, oh yeah, it was good” was his response. That was not the response that I was looking for. My mind began calculating how much bread would be required for a month’s worth of sandwiches.
A few days later, I carried a meal of homemade dumplings to my favorite bachelor. The real kind of dumplings, not from a mix, a box, the freezer section, or worse yet – those canned biscuits cut in quarters. The best dumplings imaginable, the kind my Gran made with a rolling pin. He called me later to thank me. He had enjoyed his meal and enthusiastically praised my cooking and then he said that my husband was a lucky man. His status was upped to My Favorite Bachelor on the Planet. His response rivaled my daughter’s joy over a particular chocolate dessert that I made for her this past week.
This made me think about some things. Bachelors really enjoy good home cooking, and they happily tell you so. Unlike husbands, who don’t always remember to tell us that they appreciate our efforts. If you want to feel especially good about your culinary skills, cook for a bachelor! They get excited about home cooking, and grin from ear to ear. Everything sounds good to them, especially if the recipe came from your mother or grandmother.
Why didn’t I have this realization many years ago? Should I have gone into business providing good hot meals for bachelors? Would I become rich and famous from this idea? What about a franchise? More importantly, would Clover have thought this was a good idea? Yes, Clover would have liked that idea, especially if the men had tasty shoestrings.
My Favorite Bachelor on the Planet reads this column and no, I will not be telling you who he is. That secret is mine, and there is no way I am sharing the praise with anyone. Besides, my grocery list is written and menus for the next several weeks are planned. As for my husband, after hearing what My Favorite Bachelor on the Planet said, he comments on my cooking daily, even on sandwich night. If you want to hear fabulous comments on your cooking, find a bachelor quick!


  1. HAHAHA...I do the same thing...cook things for other people. I too get frustrated when I work hard to create a meal and the kids say yuck and hubby who ate three plates of it says little or nothing about my cooking. So I started inviting people for dinner...I especially enjoy inviting people who don't like to cook and love having food cooked for them. That way they get a good home cooked meal, I make a fuss setting the table for company and make special desserts and I get the ego boost I need with all those praises!

    1. Too bad you don't live close by, we could give each other a break every now and again! Actually, I love to cook, it is fun to be creative and learn new things! And as you said, the praises are great!! Thanks Domestic Goddess!!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it is true, but suddenly those plain brownies that you make are fabulous! Everything that you make for them is fabulous, and they tell you so!!! Thanks Pat!!


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