Friday, October 26, 2012

South Georgia Snow

This is "snow" in South Georgia.
This cotton has been defoliated and will be picked soon.
When the cotton is being picked, a fragrance fills the air. It is the smell of cotton and farm machinery. It is a lovely smell, crisp and clean. If only there were a way to bottle this smell, then the fragrance could be enjoyed year round!
This is also about the closest we will get to snow here, unless maybe we get a few flakes that usually don't stick.
This was an exciting time for year for Daddy. He was extremely busy at this time, but this is an important time of year for a farmer.
A year's worth of work, hopes, plans, fears and sometimes tears. Will there be enough rain to produce a good crop?
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This is a lovely sight to me, there are many happy memories attached to these sights. It is a bittersweet feeling. Daddy is no longer able to enjoy the sights and smells of the harvest season. My happy memories will always come to mind when I see cotton, and I will always remember the importance of this season.


  1. Beautiful pictures and beautiful memories.
    I just posted pictures of cotton bales that I saw last Sunday...
    surprisingly, not many people knew what they were!
    Your pictures are much lovelier than mine, taken from a speeding car! ;)

    1. Thank you Pat! Things like cotton fields are so commone here I am always amazed when someone doesn't know what it looks like!! Thank you for your kind words and for you visit!!! Heading over to your blog right now!


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