Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hen Fruit

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Hen fruit, cackle berries, fresh eggs, call it what you like. Little Peep has gone into production!! This is her first egg!!

Little Peep is 3/4 Americauna and will lay a green colored egg. I have never had a hen go into production this late in the year, but Little Peep was hatched late in the spring of this year. Her adopted mother was a duck.

Her timing is excellent, I will be needing lots of eggs this week!! Go Little Peep!!!


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    1. Thanks Nonnie!! She is becoming a big girl now!!

  2. We have a little one finally producing ...and it's little a tiny egg. I have my older hens that are still laying...so, I'm happy with whatever I get! I love farm fresh eggs.
    enjoy yours...
    and Happy Thanksgiving! Pat

    1. Yes, farm fresh eggs are the best!!! I know what my girls eat and how they live, so I feel good eating those eggs!

      Thanks Pat and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too!!

  3. Yay for Little Peep!! She can put on her big girl panties now! ;)

    1. Yes, she can! The problem is that she wants lipstick too!!! LOL!! Thanks Peggy!!

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    1. Yes, she knows that I am happy and I appreciate her hard work!! Thanks Michelle!!


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