Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Musing - Opportunities Realized

Opportunities are where we choose to look for them. Every day we have countless decisions to make, our automatic pilot takes over and these chances go unnoticed. Alzheimer’s has more than its share of horrid, awful, heart wrenching moments. Learning to look for the opportunities casts a different light on this hideous beast, despite the disease there are treasures waiting to be found.
Sadly this experience has taught me to seize precious moments as they present themselves. A smile from a loved one is a gift that we often over look. However when you hope and wonder if today you will see that smile you realize that smile was actually a priceless gift waiting to be opened and enjoyed.
The opportunity to hear someone tell you a story about your loved one that you may not have heard before is a chance that should not be neglected. Laughter is an event that is overlooked. When Daddy laughs, we don’t know what he finds amusing, but it is a sign that for that particular moment, he finds a small amount of joy. The simple act of talking is an opportunity. When Daddy calls me to his side to ask a question or to tell me something, I may not understand the words he uses, but he is attempting to give me the gift of communication. The times that I have slipped my hand into his, were another opportunity realized for me.
These occasions have been overlooked and taken for granted the majority of my life. These unrealized opportunities were actually gifts. Realizing that these presents are quickly fading away, they are now priceless treasures. My heart regrets that it took a demon called Alzheimer’s to teach me this lesson. How many gifts went unnoticed?
There is more to be thankful for than I realized. Thursday, we will celebrate Thanksgiving. We have more to be thankful for than we take the time to notice. Our time here is limited, and the possibilities we have before us that are unappreciated will be gone too quickly. Often times before we realized that an unclaimed treasure was sitting before us.
Those small blessings are really the big ones if we simply take the time to recognize those blessings. Wishing you each a Thanksgiving Day filled with opportunities. They are there if you look for them, and seize the quickly fleeting chances that will come your way.


  1. This is such a meaningful post Melanie -- my dad passed from Alzheimer's in 2007 and not a day goes by that I don't think of him. xo

  2. Nancy, I am so very sorry that you understand and for your loss. Hope that you have an opportunity filled Thanksgiving, and precious memeories that will make you smile fill your days! Thank you for visiting!!

  3. I have frequent dreams of my grandmother, who passed away from Alzheimers some years ago. I still miss her.

    Hope that you have a marvelous Thanksgiving full of appreciation for the little blessings!

  4. Sorry that you understand the pain the beast inflicts on its victims.

    Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with realized opportunites! Thanks for visiting!!


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