Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Musing - Little Peep's Egg Song

Little Peep made an announcement this past week. This declaration came in the form of the egg song. Little Peep is part Americauna and has laid a green egg. Little Peep has been lucky having been rescued several times; making this egg one of the most lovely eggs I have ever seen. We were beginning to wonder if she would actually lay eggs. Her short life has been filled with drama and trauma.
Little Peep has almost fully recovered from her attack by the evil ADD Chicks. Her feathers have almost completely grown back. This was a moment of triumph for Little Peep. She is important in the chicken world; she has the ability to lay eggs. She has the respect of her peers, with the exception of the evil ADD Chicks of course. She can hold her head high, strut around that pen and wink at the young rooster now. She can fly to the top of the laying boxes and look over into the pen where the evil ADD Chicks live, and laugh. Little Peep is prettier, younger and lays lovely green eggs. The ADD Chicks won’t remember this plan or care that they are being snubbed.
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This must be a joyous occasion for chickens. When one of the girls begins to sing her song for the first time, everyone joins in. I have even heard the rooster attempt to sing this song. The girls gather around and attempt to cheer and offer encouragement to the chicken attempting to lay an egg.

If you are familiar with chickens, then you know that the egg song is not a product of my imagination. It also does not sound like a song. The sounds are made before an egg is laid. The first time we heard it, we just knew that something was terribly wrong. Experience has taught us differently, and now the egg song sounds more like music to my ears.

Little Peep is now able to sing her sweet egg song. Her determination to live the best chicken life that she could is paying off. There are still times the she sits and stares off into space, perhaps dreaming the dreams that only chickens understand. The goal to lay an egg has been met. Time will tell what adventures she may dream. I hope that it does not involve being rescued, that dream is a little old now.


  1. That is one lovely egg & Little Peep sounds like she's such a sweet girl.

    1. I thank you and Little Peep thanks you!! She is a sweet girl!! Thank you for visiting!!!


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