Saturday, November 3, 2012

Walk To End Alzheimer's 2012

The Walk To End Alzheimer's was today in Perry at the fairgrounds.
The name of our team is The Memory Keepers. 
Jeff Cox, the Chief Meteorologist from the TV station WGXA in Macon was there. He shared the story of how the beast has entered his wife's family. Everyone there has a story.
Flowers were lifted up for loved ones.
My daughter is holding her flower below. She is our team leader. It was her idea to have a team!
This is a fraction of the crowd. The beast called Alzheimer's has touched each person in these pictures in some way.

I wondered what Daddy would think if he knew that we had walked for him and many others today. Daddy always told me that if I didn't like something, then I should do something about it. I don't like Alzheimer's, I can't find a cure, so I work to help those with the ability to find a cure do so. I can't change the fact that the beast called Alzheimer's has viciously attacked my family, but this is one way I have chosen to react to the situation.
There was entertainment there today. Big Mike and the Booty Papas (yes that is really their name) were there.
The flower that my daughter held is below. She calls my Daddy, Dandy. That was the name she called him when she began talking, and it stuck. She really does think he is a "Dandy" of a granddaddy!

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Talking with others there, you hear stories that are so similar to your own, sadly, and you can almost feel their pain as they tell you their story. You understand because you are there. The beast does not discriminate, we are all vulnerable. There is no immunity to the disease. We hope for a cure one day. A cure will not come in time for Daddy. None of us know if we will become a victim. I walked for him today, for myself, my daughter, my siblings, their children, my extended family, people that I have known all of my life and their families that are victims, people that I have never met and their families and for you, the reader of this blog. My wish is that you never know the pain of the beast called Alzheimer's. If you have experienced the beast, I walked for you too, I hope that you never have to go through it again, and my heart aches for you. I walked for all us. I will take the opposite position of the beast and I will not discriminate in hoping for a cure for each victim and their family.


  1. I have lost 2 aunts to this dreadful disease. It changed my cousins lives & affected me in ways I can't describe.

    Thank you Melanie, for doing this.

    1. Sadly you are right, it does affect us in ways that can't be described. ((Hugs)) to you!!! So sorry for your loss, it hurts so deeply, I understand! Thank you for visiting and reading!!!!

    2. So proud of you and your daughter for the work you're doing. I pray that someday...... Alzheimer's will be a thing of the past!
      Big hugs to you from me!!!

    3. Dolores, I too pray that one day it will be a thing of the past!!! It can't happen fast enough!!! Thank you sweet friend!!

  2. Melanie,
    I pray that one day this vicious disease will be wiped off the Earth the way that polio and other diseases were. My next door neighbor has Alzheimer's, and his wife cares for him at home. I do what I can to help her, but it is horrible. I would just like to thank you and your daughter for walking today to raise awareness of this disease. My heart goes out to you and your father.

    1. Yes, one day it will be like polio and other diseases! One day, just not soon enough! Jane, helping your neighbor is a precious act of kindness!! The amount of care required is exhausting! Yes, this is a horrible disease, that is why I call it a beast. Hugs to you and your neighbors!! My heart goes out to them!!! Thank you for visiting!!!

  3. Alzheimer's disease has touched so many people that it has had a large impact on all of our lives.

    Alzheimer Clinic

    1. Yes, it has, and that impact will continue to grow larger unless a cure is found!!! Thank you for visiting!!!

  4. I'd like to invite you to join me at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope to see you there!
    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  5. Hi Melanie! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment - I do appreciate it :) I was so blessed when I saw you participate in the Walk to End sister works at a house with elderly people that are suffering from this disease and she also participates in the walk every year. My dear Grandpa suffers from Polio and it is so hard to watch loved ones or anyone for that matter struggle. Anyway, thank you for this post. I am now following you and I look forward to future visits. Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Thank you Stephanie!! Your sister sounds like a wonderful person, these people deserve to have loving people care for them!!! Yes, it is hard to wathc those you love suffer. So glad that you are following me!!!


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