Saturday, January 26, 2013

Promises of Spring

Each year it is a delight to find this in my yard. It is a promise that winter will not last forever.

The rest of the yard looks like this
The sky is gray, the trees are bare and the wind is chilly.
These are the days that make me long for spring.
Mitsubishi is ready for spring too. Yes, that is really her name.
The winter day arrives when this harsh and cold season seems endless, and you look out the window to see something green.
The wild turnips are blooming, another reminder that spring is not far away.
These short cold days will not last forever.
These promises of spring up from the cold dead ground.
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Spring will come!


  1. Love your photos! The flowers are beautiful...but the animals are just too cute! Thanks for the reminder spring will come :)

    1. Thanks Sandy!! This was a day that I was needed that reminder!! Thanks for visiting!!

  2. Hi Melanie! Oh, what gorgeous snaps. I just love daffodils. You little kitty is so cute and has a cute name. Now you really had me at the cute picture of the little goat poking his little face through the fence.!
    Have a beautiful Sunday and thank you for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

    1. Thank you Shelia!! I love daffodils too! That kitty is something else! We named her that because she is not very big, does not eat a lot and is a reliable mouser!! Glad that you liked Emmett's picture too! Thank you for visiting!!

  3. Oh, I love these pics-they give me hope!! And I LOVE Mitsubishi-so pretty!

    1. So happy that ZI shared sowe hope with you Susan!! Just couldn't keep it my myself! Mitsubishi is one of a kind! But I think that she is pretty too!!! Thanks for visiting!!!


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