Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Musing - If Atticus Could Talk

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Atticus is a cat, and of course he can’t talk. If he could, there would be plenty for him to say. The first thing that he would tell you is that Kevin has a nick name for him. Admittedly it is a suitable nickname, although it isn’t very nice.
Atticus would tell you that nothing is his fault; he blames the dog. Atticus and Honey are buddies. Atticus opens doors for Honey, and allows her to drink from his dish of water. He would however, quickly blame her for any mischief.
Atticus would tell you about the dramatic and clumsy Little Peep. Disaster and Little Peep go hand in wing. Atticus gets some good laughs from Little Peep. Atticus would tell you about the rooster. He would tell you that this beast is fascinating and funny at times.
Atticus would talk about Emmett, and how he felt jealous when Emmett appeared. He sat at the window watching me feed and care for Emmett. Atticus did not care for that at all, and he was glad when Emmett’s brother left. He was overjoyed when Emmett left.
Team Atticus is always behind him, supporting and cheering him on. Defending him as need be. My Mama, my friends, and my Mama’s friends are members of his team. Atticus is proud of each member, he knows that they love him and see no wrong that he does.
There are lots of things that Atticus would tell you about. He would tell you about his favorite person, that is me. He would tell you that Kevin annoys him, preventing him from getting his way most times. I often wonder if these two start out their day by making plans to irritate the other.
He sniffs the air when I cook appreciatively, even if he doesn’t eat people food. He watches me paint and looks at my work as if it were a masterpiece in progress. He keeps my lap warm as I type, and checks on me when I am sick.
Atticus can’t talk, so none of this can be verified, his actions must speak for him. No matter what, he is always on team Mom, especially when I am not happy with him. That perhaps is the reason that this mischievous feline remains with us. Others may choose Team Atticus, but Atticus and my daughter have chosen Team Mom.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Musing - Dealing With the Crud

Every year, there is some form of flu or flu type illness that seems to invade us. Generally this happens for me every January, without fail. This past January was different, I missed the annual crud somehow, and then February happened. Realizing that we had been missed, he paid us a visit. I say “he” because that is how the Crud entered my home, by way of a certain husband.

This Crud was special, it had all of the non-love of the flu, cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, and migraine all rolled up into one nasty little package. Anticipating the possibility of the unexpected and unwanted visit of this vile beast, I made sure that the ingredients required to make my special get well soon soup were on hand. We feel better just slowly eating homemade chicken soup. It’s like the love of my Mama in a bowl, wishing for me to feel better. Well it didn’t help this time, not much seemed to help.

My husband loves my homemade chili, so I made a big pot. This helped him, but did not appeal to me, until the idea of chili cheese fries occurred to me. They made me feel better, and probably saved my life.

My husband came in just as I had just finished eating lunch this past Tuesday. My plate was on the table. He looked at the plate and asked “what’s this”? “Chili” I replied sweeping the plate away. “I thought that I ate the last of it, was there more” he asked.  The wounded look on his face told me how betrayed he felt. Could this marriage be saved?  “There was too much for the big bowl and some it went into a smaller bowl”. Kevin was hurt; this was a crime to him. I was worried for a moment, I don’t know if they serve chili cheese fries in jail, and I am not completely well! What if this was some sort of crime that I have unintentionally committed and would any lawyer consider defending me if it was? Would I ever recover from this crud without the aid of my special chili cheese fries?

Patiently, I reminded him that he can’t seem to find anything in the refrigerator. He unwillingly agreed after a lot of convincing on my part. My marriage remained intact. Leftover chili will be clearly marked to prevent these misunderstandings in the future.

Friday, February 15, 2013

5 Facts Friday

Nancy at A Rural Journal posted 5 facts about herself and invited her readers to do the same. Thought it might be fun to join her, so here's my 5 Facts Friday.
1.  I drive a truck, and not a brand new truck, an old one!
2.  My truck has a name, it is Willene.
3.  This time of year is so busy at my house!
4. This cat is really named Mitsubishi.
5. I can't wait for Emmett to become a father!!!
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That's my 5 facts for this Friday.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Musing Emmett's New Address


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Emmett and his brother came to live with us almost a year ago. He was 3 days old, his mother had died and he had to be bottle fed. These bottle babies were lovingly cared for and grew rapidly. Watching young animals learn to play and interact with each other is fun, but goats are especially entertaining. As a gentleman told me earlier this week, it is a delight to watch the babies play in the morning over a cup of coffee. I agree with him wholeheartedly.

Emmett’s brother went to live with a special little girl. It was hard to let him go, but I knew that keeping 2 males would not be an option at this time. We tossed around the idea of getting Emmett fixed, but decided that was not the right thing to do for him. Emmett was born with a purpose, and the time would come for Emmett to take his place in a barnyard and live out that purpose.

This past week Emmett moved to Bruce’s Barnyard. He will have a good life there, Bruce has girl goats, and Emmett is a boy. Emmett’s dreams of hearing the girls giggle and whisper about his handsome goat beard were about to come true. He is a handsome goat, but then again Emmett is our late Clover’s nephew. Clover’s twin sister was his mother.

Our hope now is that Emmett will father some kids, and one will come to live with us. Perhaps one of those kids will have the good looks of Emmett and a personality similar to Clover’s. We know that no goat will ever have a personality as big as Clover’s was. This is the closest that we can get to having a bit of Clover with us now.

Our backyard is now a lonesome place; there are no goat sounds there. The rooster’s crow sounds lonesome. Perhaps our flock misses their next pen neighbor. I miss him too, but understand that that he is living out his life’s purpose.

Emmett will always be my little bottle baby. When I see that mouth, I am reminded that it is the one that I wiped when he was a baby. We watched him grow. He has a lovely beard now, and his baby voice has matured. Emmett is taking his place in the barnyard and will fulfill his purpose in life. Emmett has a new address.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

40 Years Ago Today

40 years ago today, it snowed here! It was an event, because snow is a rare occurrence here in middle/south Georgia. We received over a foot of snow! Mama says that during the night, Daddy got up to look outside. He called Mama to come look at how beautiful and peaceful everything was. That is a special memory to my Mama.
Daddy told us to look really good, because we would probably never see this much snow again here. He was right, it has not happened again here.
There have been times that we have gotten a couple of inches, but never close to a foot of snow.
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This is the only picture that I have, but it is amazing to see this much snow in our area. Daddy is holding my youngest brother, he was 2 years old then. He put his hand into the snow and began to cry, saying that the snow had "bit" him. He was only  a toddler then, and did not understand. Snow was a new experience for all of us, we would have played outside as often as my parents allowed. School was closed, that was also an important event to me!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Emmett's Big News

Come a little bit closer, I have some news to tell you.
Did you bring cookies? I like cookies!
My big news is this, I am moving. I am a big boy now, and I want to have a girlfriend. Then I will settle down with the right girls and have some kids!
This is a picture of my beard. I think that it makes me look more handsome. The girls will like it don't you think?
Look how handsome I have become, my coat is thick, the girls will like it too. The woman says that I stink, she just has no appreciation for the good goat smells! The girls will like the way I smell now.
I have worked hard to make this place my home, I have found all kind of treasures and display them proudly! The woman has no appreciation of my decorating skills, she says that it is junk and picks it all up. Maybe she just likes it and wants to use it in her house too! I am not telling where I found it all, that secret is mine!
When I came to live here, I was only 3 days old. My Mama died, and the woman raised me. This is my home, but I am a big boy now and I want to meet girls.
I wonder what kind of cookies the girls like, will there be cookies where I am going? My Aunt Clover liked cookies too! Aunt Clover was my Mama's twin sister, we are a handsome family.
The girls will like me, I just know it! The woman says that I was created to be a billy goat, not a pet. I have a job to do. She knows that I am not as happy here as I could be, and the right thing for me is to be with other goats. 
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A new life is waiting for me. Maybe you will see pictures of my kids here one day! They will be handsome, just like me! The woman says that I still have a sweet little baby mouth, and that she wiped milk off of that sweet little mouth many times! The girls will probably recognize that even my mouth is handsome, don't you think?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Musing - A Misjudgement?

Walking into my bedroom last week, I noticed that a picture was on the floor. It had once rested on a bedside table, and now it was face down on the floor. Guessing the responsible party, it was placed on the table again. The next day, a picture from my dressing table was on the floor. This was getting annoying.

Tuesday afternoon, the telephone was dead. I called the phone company and reported the problem.  The lady assured me that someone would get the problem taken care of as quickly as possible. Then I walked into the bedroom, and noticed that the bedside table was resting on its side. The broken lamp looked rather pitiful. The telephone laid there, the receiver off of the hook. This was the reason the kitchen phone was dead.

Cutting myself a big slice of humble pie, I called the lady at the telephone office again. Explaining to the kind lady, that Atticus must have knocked the table down and that was the reason that the phone in the kitchen was not working. She laughed and canceled the order. It was time that a certain feline end his newly found love of creating catastrophe in my bedroom. It was time to put a stop to his mischief.

Atticus chose not to acknowledge my call, and was found sleeping in my chair. This was the same place and position he had been in 2 hours ago. If he hasn’t moved, how could he have caused the table to turn over?  Was Atticus wrongfully accused?

The 4 missing ornaments haven’t been found, we have witnessed his mischief, he chose to ignore me when called and his reputation speaks for itself. Atticus and catastrophe are bosom buddies, and are often in each other’s company. These circumstances are not in his favor. The evidence is circumstantial.

This reminded me that it is easy to make an incorrect judgment without all of the facts. How often do we misjudge others?

Atticus lifted his head, and appeared to smile. He may have laughed. Atticus did everything but shout nah nah nee boo boo and dance the dance of joy. Atticus had been vindicated for a crime that he may or may not have committed. This could have been the plan all along. Draw your own conclusion, but remember, it is easy to misjudge others, even though the circumstances indicate guilt.