Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Musing - A Misjudgement?

Walking into my bedroom last week, I noticed that a picture was on the floor. It had once rested on a bedside table, and now it was face down on the floor. Guessing the responsible party, it was placed on the table again. The next day, a picture from my dressing table was on the floor. This was getting annoying.

Tuesday afternoon, the telephone was dead. I called the phone company and reported the problem.  The lady assured me that someone would get the problem taken care of as quickly as possible. Then I walked into the bedroom, and noticed that the bedside table was resting on its side. The broken lamp looked rather pitiful. The telephone laid there, the receiver off of the hook. This was the reason the kitchen phone was dead.

Cutting myself a big slice of humble pie, I called the lady at the telephone office again. Explaining to the kind lady, that Atticus must have knocked the table down and that was the reason that the phone in the kitchen was not working. She laughed and canceled the order. It was time that a certain feline end his newly found love of creating catastrophe in my bedroom. It was time to put a stop to his mischief.

Atticus chose not to acknowledge my call, and was found sleeping in my chair. This was the same place and position he had been in 2 hours ago. If he hasn’t moved, how could he have caused the table to turn over?  Was Atticus wrongfully accused?

The 4 missing ornaments haven’t been found, we have witnessed his mischief, he chose to ignore me when called and his reputation speaks for itself. Atticus and catastrophe are bosom buddies, and are often in each other’s company. These circumstances are not in his favor. The evidence is circumstantial.

This reminded me that it is easy to make an incorrect judgment without all of the facts. How often do we misjudge others?

Atticus lifted his head, and appeared to smile. He may have laughed. Atticus did everything but shout nah nah nee boo boo and dance the dance of joy. Atticus had been vindicated for a crime that he may or may not have committed. This could have been the plan all along. Draw your own conclusion, but remember, it is easy to misjudge others, even though the circumstances indicate guilt.


  1. Atticus must be very sneaky to pull this off!

    1. Yes, he is sneaky. When there is a problem, Atticus is usually close by, leaving me to wonder what role he played in any disaster. Thanks Lisa!!

  2. Is Little Mr. Atticus part evil genius? Excellent point about not being so quick to judge. It's important to have all the facts. However, with Little Mr. Atticus it may be better to err on the side of caution! ;)

    1. Sounds like you know him personally!! We never know what he will do next, kind of afraid to find out!! Thanks Peggy!!!


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