Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Musing - Dealing With the Crud

Every year, there is some form of flu or flu type illness that seems to invade us. Generally this happens for me every January, without fail. This past January was different, I missed the annual crud somehow, and then February happened. Realizing that we had been missed, he paid us a visit. I say “he” because that is how the Crud entered my home, by way of a certain husband.

This Crud was special, it had all of the non-love of the flu, cold, sinusitis, bronchitis, and migraine all rolled up into one nasty little package. Anticipating the possibility of the unexpected and unwanted visit of this vile beast, I made sure that the ingredients required to make my special get well soon soup were on hand. We feel better just slowly eating homemade chicken soup. It’s like the love of my Mama in a bowl, wishing for me to feel better. Well it didn’t help this time, not much seemed to help.

My husband loves my homemade chili, so I made a big pot. This helped him, but did not appeal to me, until the idea of chili cheese fries occurred to me. They made me feel better, and probably saved my life.

My husband came in just as I had just finished eating lunch this past Tuesday. My plate was on the table. He looked at the plate and asked “what’s this”? “Chili” I replied sweeping the plate away. “I thought that I ate the last of it, was there more” he asked.  The wounded look on his face told me how betrayed he felt. Could this marriage be saved?  “There was too much for the big bowl and some it went into a smaller bowl”. Kevin was hurt; this was a crime to him. I was worried for a moment, I don’t know if they serve chili cheese fries in jail, and I am not completely well! What if this was some sort of crime that I have unintentionally committed and would any lawyer consider defending me if it was? Would I ever recover from this crud without the aid of my special chili cheese fries?

Patiently, I reminded him that he can’t seem to find anything in the refrigerator. He unwillingly agreed after a lot of convincing on my part. My marriage remained intact. Leftover chili will be clearly marked to prevent these misunderstandings in the future.


  1. My husband is the same way. He has to have his left over Chili.

    1. LOL!! Normally, I would say it was gross, guess that I must have been pretty sick to want that stuff!! Thanks for visiting Michelle!!!


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