Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Musing - If Atticus Could Talk

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Atticus is a cat, and of course he can’t talk. If he could, there would be plenty for him to say. The first thing that he would tell you is that Kevin has a nick name for him. Admittedly it is a suitable nickname, although it isn’t very nice.
Atticus would tell you that nothing is his fault; he blames the dog. Atticus and Honey are buddies. Atticus opens doors for Honey, and allows her to drink from his dish of water. He would however, quickly blame her for any mischief.
Atticus would tell you about the dramatic and clumsy Little Peep. Disaster and Little Peep go hand in wing. Atticus gets some good laughs from Little Peep. Atticus would tell you about the rooster. He would tell you that this beast is fascinating and funny at times.
Atticus would talk about Emmett, and how he felt jealous when Emmett appeared. He sat at the window watching me feed and care for Emmett. Atticus did not care for that at all, and he was glad when Emmett’s brother left. He was overjoyed when Emmett left.
Team Atticus is always behind him, supporting and cheering him on. Defending him as need be. My Mama, my friends, and my Mama’s friends are members of his team. Atticus is proud of each member, he knows that they love him and see no wrong that he does.
There are lots of things that Atticus would tell you about. He would tell you about his favorite person, that is me. He would tell you that Kevin annoys him, preventing him from getting his way most times. I often wonder if these two start out their day by making plans to irritate the other.
He sniffs the air when I cook appreciatively, even if he doesn’t eat people food. He watches me paint and looks at my work as if it were a masterpiece in progress. He keeps my lap warm as I type, and checks on me when I am sick.
Atticus can’t talk, so none of this can be verified, his actions must speak for him. No matter what, he is always on team Mom, especially when I am not happy with him. That perhaps is the reason that this mischievous feline remains with us. Others may choose Team Atticus, but Atticus and my daughter have chosen Team Mom.


  1. Good Morning, Melanie and Atticus!
    Now that's one fine kitty. I am hopeless in love with cats. I have three lovable housecats and can't imagine life without them.
    Thank you for the delightful tale of Atticus.
    Kitty kisses to him...
    and warm wishes to you!
    Carolynn >^^<

    1. Atticus will be pleased that you recognize his unique abitlity to entertain! He is sitting in my lap as I type this! Thanks for visiting!!!!

  2. I am for team Atticus. I love cats with great personalities. Enjoyed listening to Atticus.

    1. LOL!! Of course you are on Team Atticus, aren't all of MY friends on his team? LOL!! Thanks for visiting, and Atticus thanks you too!!!


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