Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Making Soap

It almost looks like a treat doesn't it?
This is a brown sugar and oatmeal soap. The instructions are from Suzanne's site Chickens in the Road.
I tried the laundry soap too. It was not hard and made me wonder why I waited so long to try it.
This could become addictive! I am thinking of all of the combinations that I could come up with.
Spring babies are here! There are 2 geese, 2 ducks, and 3 chicks.
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When I see the babies at the store, I want several of each, but have to remind myself that they will not stay this small long!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Musing - Flea Prevention

This winter has seemed endless to me. The cold has been colder and lasted longer. My mind has dreamed the dreams of spring for months now. Thoughts of flowers, warm days and cool nights and the promise of fresh vegetables have filled my head. Spring fever can’t be far behind these thoughts.
Flea prevention has begun in anticipation of the spring that we are hope will happen. Atticus knows this and is on alert for those little tubes that contain the flea prevention. Atticus missed his calling in life; he would have made a dramatic actor. If you were to watch the events that take place when Atticus must have these treatments or visit the vet, you would probably laugh at his antics. If you were to participate in these events, then you would not find his antics amusing.
Last year, we began keeping an extra tube of flea prevention on hand. We waited for the right moment and orchestrated a highly sophisticated and complicated sneak attack. It was difficult, but effective and required fewer trips up and down the stairs. The details remain top secret and cannot be revealed in their entirety here, because he may have learned to read. I can tell you that these special ops produce less screaming from him and myself as well.
Each mission must be unique; Atticus will not repeat the same mistake. Besides, it gives Atticus the opportunity to show off his dramatic side. Last year I chose to medicate him at one of his many snack times. I opened the new tube in an undisclosed location and walked toward his bowl. Atticus sensed something was up, the treats were placed in his bowl and swiftly the tube was placed between his shoulder blades and squeezed. Atticus turned and looked at me. He realized that he had been tricked and betrayed by the person that he loves most in this world. There would be repercussions for my actions.
Atticus now approaches his food bowl from a different angle, keeping my hands in his sight the entire time. Atticus and his dramatic antics give us a reason to wonder, are fleas really that bad? Perhaps we should attempt to make friends with the parasites, train them and create our very own flea circus. Atticus could become gainfully employed as the Official Flea Circus Flea Feeder. It is a dramatic idea, but would my dramatic feline cooperate?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Farmhouse Blues

We have the happy blue's here! Looking around, I have used more blue than I realized. Mamie was especially fond of this blue bowl and enjoyed sitting in it. This bowl sat on the bottom shelf of my kitchen island. It was for looks only. This picture is an old picture, but it was so cute it needed sharing!
The desk below is my kitchen desk. My only regret is that I did not take a before picture! It was not in the best of shape and was headed for the dump! We rescued her, and gave her a paint job. We paired the desk with a yard sale stool and my husband cut a round piece for the bottom. We covered it in blue toile. Didn't realize how much I would use this little desk!
Atticus had to get in on the blues too! He wanted to try the pool out before Aunt Bea and Clara used it!
That pool is now a bathtub for the ducks! The animals like blue too!
A few of the girls here lay blue eggs! They are Americaunas and yes you can eat the eggs. There is no difference in the eggs, only the color of the egg. The blue egg is in the bottom row, center.

A favorite place on the porch to enjoy a glass of tea is right here, in these blue chairs. They were headed for the dump, but found a new life here with us!
I use blue in the dining room. The Blue Willow dishes are a favorite of mine and have been collected over time. These dishes are always in fashion, I never tire of them. The China cabinet was painted and those lovely curvy short legs really stand out now!
The chairs and table legs were painted and we used a blue plaid to recover the chairs.
Last year we started working on the attic room. A soft blue was used to tie all of the misfit furniture together. The room has not and will not undergo a fancy renovation. This is an old farmhouse and I want it to retain all of it's character. The old bead board in this room is original to the house.
Blue was the perfect color for this furniture. I am pleased with how it came out.
The shelf below was headed for the dump also, but now has regained some respectability and lives in the attic room. The headboard was another freebie as well as the piano bench in front of the window.
My favorite place to use blue is on the porch! Touches of blue are everywhere.
These pictures were taken last year, but my mind has been drifting to the warm days of early summer and late spring.

Sweet tea tastes best on those warm summer days.
The swing is ready for you to stop and rest here, grab a glass of tea before you sit down!
Days like this seem like they will never get here, especially listening to the forecast for this weekend! Perhaps that is why I went looking for these pictures.
Blue makes it's way into every room in our home, even the bathroom window.
I repainted this shelf a soft blue. It holds the towels and baskets keep things orderly.
Blue has a place on the screened porch! The dishes and tablecloth are thrift store finds.
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Thanks for visiting the old farmhouse! We are dreaming of those comfortable warm days yet to come.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Musing - Parenting and Grown Up Children

A phone call from my daughter is an important event in my world. No matter what I am doing, if she has already called that day, I am busy, sleepy or have my hands in something and have to hold the phone at an awkward angle, I take that call!
The two of us share a unique relationship, speak a language that only we understand, communicate without words and play games without the knowledge of others. If you think that you can play, forget it. If you think that you know that rules to our games, you are wrong again.
We share jokes, and have occasionally caused a little bit of mischief. Okay, more than a little bit, but we had fun. There are many examples that I could offer, in the interest of not humiliating my child, I will refrain from explaining the Rhinestone Cowboy incident, and if she had stood still, it would not have been necessary to chase her.
There are phone calls that are not always happy, such as Monday’s call. My daughter phoned to tell me about a treasured pet that is sick. The sound of the voice on the other end may have been a grown woman, but my mama ears heard her little girl. This grown woman dealing with heartache, sounded like a grieving child to my ears and heart.
Raising a child was not an easy job, there were so many times that I foolishly believed that when she got just a little older things would be easier. That has not been true yet. This season of parenting has proven more difficult than imagined. The times that my little girl could be picked up and comforted are gone. Hugs from Mama don’t make everything okay anymore.
Such is the never ending job of a parent. If that call should come, she knows that mama can’t make everything okay, but is still concerned about the things that break her heart. This difficult season of parenting will not end here, but there is comfort to both of us in knowing that the next time that we are together our own special way of communicating will occur, our games will continue, and only the two of us will understand. My daughter knows that no matter what I am doing, her call is a priority even if I have to hold the phone at an awkward angle, we will talk.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

That's My Chair!

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This is Riley, she has refused to look at me. Riley is mad at the moment.
I said the "b" word, you know that word that starts with a "b" and ends with an "a t h"? Yeah, that word. She heard me say that word and ran straight for my chair, which is where I found her.
She doesn't feel that she needs one. Riley has refused to look at me. I think she plans to stay right there.
Why does she hate a bath so bad, when it makes her feel so good afterward?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

BIG News!!

My baby girl is getting married!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Musing - My Old Elgin

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The demise of an appliance is a tragedy at my house. It seems that each new appliance lacks the quality of the previous appliance, and has a shorter life span. New appliances may have a sleek look to them, but the materials used to build the majority of these modern wonders do not seem to hold up as well. Sewing machines are no different. The newer models that I have seen have plastic housing.
My sewing machine, her name is El, was a workhorse and a creative tool. How can a plastic machine effectively serve this purpose? El and I have a history; we have created many things together. El is a simple kind of gal. She doesn’t do fancy stitches, but she did what I needed her to do. We made curtains, pillows and tablecloths together. There was more for her to help me with, but sadly her useful life has come to an end. The demise of El leaves me without my tool of creativity and only the dreams of the things that we could have sewn together. We had a future and now that dream has been crushed.
Kevin tried to save her; he worked on her one Saturday afternoon. I also heard a few of the harsh words that he spoke to her and wonder if this is part of the reason that I lost my working friend. El was a sensitive kind of gal, you had to talk sweetly to her sometimes in order to get her to cooperate. Kevin refused to understand her sensitive nature. El is only a machine that has lost its usefulness to him. El is an “it” rather than the creative tool that has a name of her own. She wasn’t his friend, and he ignored the fruits of our labor. Leaving me to wonder if he truly tried to save El. Does he think that these newer plastic machines that lack personality will replace El and be able to perform the same tasks?
The hunt is on for a new, old sewing machine now. A machine that is willing to work and create with me is needed. She must be willing to sew the denim, as well as the soft cottons that may be required of her. There is work for us to do. Whoever she may be, we have some buffalo checks and a red toile in our future.