Friday, March 22, 2013

Farmhouse Blues

We have the happy blue's here! Looking around, I have used more blue than I realized. Mamie was especially fond of this blue bowl and enjoyed sitting in it. This bowl sat on the bottom shelf of my kitchen island. It was for looks only. This picture is an old picture, but it was so cute it needed sharing!
The desk below is my kitchen desk. My only regret is that I did not take a before picture! It was not in the best of shape and was headed for the dump! We rescued her, and gave her a paint job. We paired the desk with a yard sale stool and my husband cut a round piece for the bottom. We covered it in blue toile. Didn't realize how much I would use this little desk!
Atticus had to get in on the blues too! He wanted to try the pool out before Aunt Bea and Clara used it!
That pool is now a bathtub for the ducks! The animals like blue too!
A few of the girls here lay blue eggs! They are Americaunas and yes you can eat the eggs. There is no difference in the eggs, only the color of the egg. The blue egg is in the bottom row, center.

A favorite place on the porch to enjoy a glass of tea is right here, in these blue chairs. They were headed for the dump, but found a new life here with us!
I use blue in the dining room. The Blue Willow dishes are a favorite of mine and have been collected over time. These dishes are always in fashion, I never tire of them. The China cabinet was painted and those lovely curvy short legs really stand out now!
The chairs and table legs were painted and we used a blue plaid to recover the chairs.
Last year we started working on the attic room. A soft blue was used to tie all of the misfit furniture together. The room has not and will not undergo a fancy renovation. This is an old farmhouse and I want it to retain all of it's character. The old bead board in this room is original to the house.
Blue was the perfect color for this furniture. I am pleased with how it came out.
The shelf below was headed for the dump also, but now has regained some respectability and lives in the attic room. The headboard was another freebie as well as the piano bench in front of the window.
My favorite place to use blue is on the porch! Touches of blue are everywhere.
These pictures were taken last year, but my mind has been drifting to the warm days of early summer and late spring.

Sweet tea tastes best on those warm summer days.
The swing is ready for you to stop and rest here, grab a glass of tea before you sit down!
Days like this seem like they will never get here, especially listening to the forecast for this weekend! Perhaps that is why I went looking for these pictures.
Blue makes it's way into every room in our home, even the bathroom window.
I repainted this shelf a soft blue. It holds the towels and baskets keep things orderly.
Blue has a place on the screened porch! The dishes and tablecloth are thrift store finds.
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Thanks for visiting the old farmhouse! We are dreaming of those comfortable warm days yet to come.

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  1. Hi Melanie! I love your post and seeing all of your pretty spots, inside and outside. Your kitties look like they are a lot of fun! Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Thank you Shelia!!! I am glad that you enjoyed looking! Mamie was a lot of fun, she was always into some kind of mischeif! Guess that she must have taught Atticus some tricks before she decided that the neighbors house was better than ours and moved in with them!! Thanks for visiting!!

  2. I love blue too. I could just live on your porch. I could sit and rink iced tea for hours. :) That kitten in the first picture brings back so many memories--I had a kitten that looked like that years ago. Her name was Tabatha. Enjoyed your post!

    1. Well, there is always an extra glass of tea for you here Sandy!! Glad that you had so,e good memories of your Tabatha, that little kitten was Mamie and she was a fun handful of a kitten. Her name should have been Mischeif!! Thanks for visiting!!

  3. Blue's a favorite here too. Wow, you have some real treasures that have been salvaged! So glad you gave them a home. Thanks for visiting Maple Hill! ;0)

    1. Thank you for visiting Daisy, please come back again!!

  4. Your porch is so comfortable looking. I love the blue and white dishes too! Always my favorite.

    1. Thanks Kathy!! Hope that yo will come back when the weather is warmer and enjoy a glass of iced tea!! Thanks for visiting!!


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