Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Musing - Parenting and Grown Up Children

A phone call from my daughter is an important event in my world. No matter what I am doing, if she has already called that day, I am busy, sleepy or have my hands in something and have to hold the phone at an awkward angle, I take that call!
The two of us share a unique relationship, speak a language that only we understand, communicate without words and play games without the knowledge of others. If you think that you can play, forget it. If you think that you know that rules to our games, you are wrong again.
We share jokes, and have occasionally caused a little bit of mischief. Okay, more than a little bit, but we had fun. There are many examples that I could offer, in the interest of not humiliating my child, I will refrain from explaining the Rhinestone Cowboy incident, and if she had stood still, it would not have been necessary to chase her.
There are phone calls that are not always happy, such as Monday’s call. My daughter phoned to tell me about a treasured pet that is sick. The sound of the voice on the other end may have been a grown woman, but my mama ears heard her little girl. This grown woman dealing with heartache, sounded like a grieving child to my ears and heart.
Raising a child was not an easy job, there were so many times that I foolishly believed that when she got just a little older things would be easier. That has not been true yet. This season of parenting has proven more difficult than imagined. The times that my little girl could be picked up and comforted are gone. Hugs from Mama don’t make everything okay anymore.
Such is the never ending job of a parent. If that call should come, she knows that mama can’t make everything okay, but is still concerned about the things that break her heart. This difficult season of parenting will not end here, but there is comfort to both of us in knowing that the next time that we are together our own special way of communicating will occur, our games will continue, and only the two of us will understand. My daughter knows that no matter what I am doing, her call is a priority even if I have to hold the phone at an awkward angle, we will talk.


  1. So awesome that she always knows you are there for her :-)

    1. Thanks Lisa!! She does know that I believe!!!!

  2. I totally understand your post. I have these little special 'things' with my children too and I think it's a wonderful thing. It's grand to be a mommy.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

    1. Yes, it is indeed grand to be a mommy!!! haven't gotten tired of this job yet!!! Thank you Shelia!!!!


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