Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Musing - Strong Women

This past week I received a card from a dear friend that reads this column. She did not know it, but her card came at a time it was needed.  She is an amazing woman. She has influenced me more than she knows.
Recently I dealt with a person that dislikes strong women, and associated me with that group. I thank this person for the compliment and the reminder of my blessings. While we are entitled to our opinion, it did cause me to look at myself. What kind of woman am I? I don’t feel that I have earned that title. I am not the woman that I want to be yet. There is still work to do.
There have been a number of strong women that have had an influence on my life. My Daddy married one, as did my Grandfather, Gran was definitely a strong woman. My Granny was another strong woman. There were teachers that left their positive marks on me. I have had the privilege of working for some amazing and strong women and there were ladies from the community where I grew up, that fit into this category. I carry their influence with me. There are many others, and not enough space to list each precious one.
What could this group of seemingly different women have in common? They bend, but they don’t break. Meaning it was the “bent knee power” that made these women strong. I think that they would agree that was the source of their strength.
These strong women held jobs, cared for husbands, families, their parents, their homes and did work in their churches and community and also managed to influence others positively along the way. Each made a different contribution, and has influenced many with their actions. Knee power is crucial for the position.
There are wise men who realized the benefit of strong women. They made them their wives and the mother’s of their children; they realized the wisdom of carefully choosing these dynamic ladies as their mate. They wanted the best mate, good enough was not sufficient.
My friend’s words were kind and appreciated. The privilege of friendship however, has been mine. She taught me to be better, and is still teaching me. It is indeed a great blessing to know a strong woman. I am so thankful for each strong woman that left her imprint on my life.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Good Roosters

These are my good roosters! They live in my kitchen and never made a mess. They don't have to be fed, and never crow early in the morning. The best part is that I don't have to be afraid of them.
These dishes came from an estate sale that Mama and I went to a couple of years ago. Mama bought them, she had a booth at that time. Then the antique mall closed. The dishes had not sold, so I offered to buy them from her.
The glasses are simply old Mason jars. Since this is a country kitchen in an old farmhouse, I thought they would go well together.
A few pieces of Fiesta and some pottery were added. I liked the way the colors worked together.
The hutch was purchased when I was single. It came from a thrift shop and the purchase was considered carefully. I was counting pennies and paid for it over time. The day it was paid for and came home with me was a happy day!
The pattern is by Metlox, it is called Poppy Trail. I don't know or care about the value, I just liked it. Metlox does not seem to be very popular here and can be found rather cheap.
There were only 5 plates, this set must have been used a good bit. Some pieces show signs of use and have a tiny chip here and there.
This set is like most of the things we have here. Acquired here and there, mismatched, and found at a bargain price, creating a comfortable environment for us.
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The things here have been used and loved and make up the place that we call home.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Rescuing An Old Pie Safe

When we moved here 6 years ago, we came from an apartment. How would I be able to furnish this home on a budget, a small budget at that!
One day I drove past a house with this cabinet sitting on the back porch. A previous tenant had left this behind apparently. The owner was there, so I stopped and asked if he would sell this cabinet. He agreed, than I cautiously asked how much? He said what will you give me. I opened my purse and offered him $35, the only cash that I had. He accepted, I rejoiced, and called my brother to help me load her up.
This had apparently once been a pie safe. The screen had been removed from the sides and the doors had been replaced. That was not important to me, I knew what I wanted to do with her. Daddy cleaned the cabinet up for me, and told me that I needed to paint it. We jokingly argued about this cabinet for a couple of years, it is a sweet memory. I chose not to paint it and an glad that I didn't!
I loved the chippy paint, and the bottom drawer that didn't work properly. We replaced the hardware and put a couple of coats of wax on this piece.
Now she needed some goodies to place on top. I found an old window at Daddy's and picked up a few yard sale treasures. The old sewing machine is a dumpster find. The base sits in my kitchen and serves as an island.
This old pie safe now serves as the linen closet.
The bottom drawer was waxed and slides easily now.
There are many ways that this cabinet could be used, but for now it serves as the linen closet.
It fits perfectly in our old farmhouse. It is imperfect, was once neglected, and forgotten by it's previous owners. Now it has a new home and a new purpose.
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Something that someone considered trash, is now my treasure. We have filled our home with "treasures" like this. They were thrifted, yard sale finds or found, they now have a home with us.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lizzie and Ruby Updates

This is a picture that we were afraid that we would not have the opportunity to take! The Miracle Cat is doing well! She is playing with her toys, eating properly and getting plenty of rest. Lizzie doesn't know it yet, but she will be scheduled for her special surgery soon.

Her biggest problem seems to be that she has to be gently reminded of her manners. Lizzie seems to have conveniently forgotten them, or does she feel that she no longer needs manners?

The new ducks and geese have moved to their new home, which was Ruby's old home.
Ruby has moved to the big girl pen! Ruby is in the process of cutting the grass in her new home!

Ruby knew that there was more to her life than living in a baby pen, she now has a yard to mow. We moved her house with her, a girl needs a house to decorate and Ruby is no different.

A Silver Laced Wynadott is broody. The rooster is a Barred Rock and Americauna cross, the girls in this pen are Silver Laced Wynadotts and Buff Oprington. From my experience, Buff Orpingtons and Americaunas make me understand why someone would want to keep chickens. They have gentle dispositions, are not aggressive and are good layers.

The Silver Laced Wynadotts on the other hand can make you wonder why you wanted chickens in the first place! I hope that this girl is setting on some Buff Orpington eggs too!
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Ruby Tuesday thanks you for stopping by. She hopes that you will come back and visit again, but requests that you bring treats next time! Apparently we still have work to do in the manners department!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Musing - The Miracle Cat

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Lizzie was a kitten here, it is my favorite picture of her.

We have a cat named Lizzie, or rather Lizzie has us! 2 weeks ago, Lizzie was not feeling well. She would not eat and refused water too. We carried Lizzie to the lady filling in for our vet as he recovered from surgery. This gentle lady examined a dehydrated Lizzie and found something inside of Lizzie, an unknown mass.  We were given the option of taking Lizzie to another vet that would do the needed and costly surgery or putting her to sleep.
My husband brought her home and we discussed the situation. We had to make a decision quickly and felt that putting Lizzie through surgery that may or may not work would not be the right thing to do. My husband called the vet, this would have to be done that day, as the lady vet would not be there for another week. We didn’t want to risk Lizzie getting into a difficult and painful situation, with no vet to help her. Lizzie was carried back to the vet. We sat outside with heavy hearts waiting our turn. Something inside was telling me that this was not the right thing to do today.
I climbed in the back seat to pet Lizzie and talk to her for a few minutes. Lizzie began purring! I looked at her and realized that Lizzie was not ready for this. Grabbing my water bottle, I offered her some water on my finger, which she took. I told my husband that this was not her time; he went inside and told the staff. We carried her home, and placed her in kitty I.C.U. meaning we put a box in the den. Lizzie began to improve and by Tuesday was eating. Last Saturday her biggest problem was allergies.
We carried her back and she was given antibiotics. Everyone was amazed by Lizzie’s will to live. Lizzie is now referred to as the Miracle Cat. Looking at her today, you would never guess that this was the cat that faced a potentially life ending problem. We are still not sure of the exact source of this problem, she has not been X-rayed. Lizzie has however received copious amounts of T.L.C., and sometimes that is the best remedy. Her story will not end here. The Miracle Cat has more to share, and is not concerned about a jealous Atticus. Thanks to the excellent staff at our vet’s office and some T.L.C., Lizzie is able to share her story with you.
Lizzie update - we have just returned from the vet and Lizzie got a great report! The vet did not find anything, the mass is gone! Lizzie is bright eyed and bushy tailed and has been into the toy basket this morning! I have never been as glad to pick up cat toys as I am today! Lizzie will get extra kitty treats today just for being Lizzie and still being here with us!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Chimney Cabinet

My camera has been found, don't ask for details because I will not disclose how close it was or how many times I must have walked past it. The good news is that I found it just as I had decided to buy another!
Yesterday we decided to stop and visit my favorite antique mall, King Cotton. You never know what treasures will be waiting for you there!
This Chimney Cabinet called out to me! My grandparents had one like this in their kitchen. It was painted white and Granddaddy kept the Banana Moon pies and saltine crackers on top, and made sure that the grandchildren got a moon pie when they came. I have a saltine cracker tin, maybe I will luck up and find a banana moon pie tin one of these days.
This cabinet has had the side panels, and back replaced. The middle door panel was replaced as well. The hinges are questionable, but that is fine with me. It is no longer an authentic piece, however our home is not a fancy antique filled place. It is a comfortable old farmhouse, filled with things that made us smile.
This is a good find to me, I can paint it guilt free now! Even though it is not the cabinet that was in my Grandparents home, it reminds me of the one they had.
It is in need of some tender loving care. The hardware is rusty and the legs will need some love too. Look at the fabulous color of green on the inside!
The top is still intact. This cabinet has been brown, green and white. I am considering trying to color match the inside and paint it the same color green. The outside will probably be painted white and antiqued to get it as close to the way I remember my grandparents cabinet looked.
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It was a delight to find this treasure and I am anxious to start working on it this weekend! Also will be working on an old iron bed, pictures will come later!

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Musing - Onion Dip

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Please forgive the poor picture quality, this was taken with my camera phone, my camera is still missing.

Cooking is something that I enjoy. My husband never complains when I purchase another cookbook, he knows that he will benefit from that purchase. This sickness does not end there. When I see an advertisement in a magazine or on television that appeals to us, my thought is how can this be made in my kitchen? The goodies from my kitchen lack the preservatives and artificial tastes of the overly priced and inferior tasting store bought items. Those are things that I don’t care to duplicate.

My husband can be picky, this presents a challenge. He has formed opinions based on past experiences, and must be coaxed into creating new opinions. Onion dip is one of those things that he has changed his mind about. His past experience involved an odd tasting concoction that passed for dip. I told him that my version called for real bacon. He paused to listen to my argument, and agreed to try it.

He is now a fan of onion dip, and requests it. He made that request last week and I prepared his favorite dip. My inner smarty pants takes over sometimes, which was also the case this past week. Snapping a picture of this dip on a chip, it was sent to him. The text explained to him that it was delicious and it was so very sad that he was working and would be unable to enjoy his special dip. Several text messages were exchanged between us during his lunch break. He hoped that the dip would be there when he came home, and informed me that it was wrong to tease him that way.

That evening he opened the refrigerator, searching for his dip. Like most men, he can’t find anything in the refrigerator. That includes large items. Looking back, I should have seized the opportunity and capitalized on his frantic behavior by holding the dip hostage in exchange for something good. An extensive honey-do list should have been prepared. That opportunity slipped away, I gave in and located the dip, he was happy.

The way to that man’s heart was through his stomach, my best recipes are there. Leading me to wonder, is it me he loves, or my ability to cook? Whatever the case he requests his favorites and I prepare them for him, even if a little bit of mischief is involved.
Want the recipe? You can find it here. It is Lucinda Scala Quinn's recipe for Caramelized Onion and Bacon Dip, from the show Mad Hungry. If you haven't visited her before, you are in for a treat!




Friday, May 3, 2013

A Confession

Here goes, I lost my camera. Yes, lost it, can't find the thing anywhere. It wasn't an expensive high end camera, but it was mine! Just a simple point and shoot, but why do I need an expensive one, when it takes me so long to learn to use a point and shoot? Not mentioning the possibility that if I lost the little point and shoot, would I lose an expensive one too? Now it is gone, possibly to that place where all of the missing socks go. I don't know for sure, but wherever it is, I can't find it.
The really bad part is this, all of the good stuff happens when you don't have your camera! The chicks have grown and changed, but I can't show you because I lost my camera. The geese and ducks have grown and changed so much, but no camera. Ruby Tuesday does funny things, but I can't prove it without my camera. Whine-ita did something really cool, but I can't show you without a picture! Atticus has caused extra mischief, but you can only believe what I tell you, because there are no pictures to show you. My ferns are on the front porch, but no proof. Last year's flowers are up again this year, but you just have to take my word for it. The leaves on the trees are that lovely new green color, maybe you can look outside and see leaves that color because I can't show you the leaves here. There again - NO CAMERA!!
Life is more frustrating and sad without the ability to take pictures to show all of the good stuff. Where oh where are you my little point and shoot camera? Please call to me from your hiding place so that I can rescue you! We have work to do, things have changed here and I need to share it with my bloggy friends! Please oh please I beg you, come back to me. If you will come back, I will find the instruction book and READ it this time! I promise, just come back to me!