Monday, June 24, 2013

A Small Tweak

The smallest changes often make the biggest difference. The plate rack below was a gold color. A little bit of black spray paint gave the rack a make over.
The plates and rack were purchased some time ago ( like before DH and I were married ) and I still liked the plates, but the rack was looking a bit dated. There was a can of black spray on hand. I knew that it would only take a little bit of paint. Perfect for a mini make over.
I kept something that I liked and updated it using a small amount of paint and a few minutes of my time. The price was right!

Remember the chimney cabinet that was in desperate need of painting and love? Here is a sneak peak.
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The chimney cabinet has finally been painted.

Monday Musing - Doc

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Here is a blast from the past. Internet problems prevented me from submitting my article last week and I chose to run this article. Hope you enjoy!

My husband wanted to try an experiment a couple of years ago. He wanted to build an incubator. We had discussed the idea for some time, and it sounded like a good idea. Then a co-worker of his took the plunge and built an incubator for himself. His experiment was successful, and hearing these reports fueled our desire for an incubator.

My husband got busy with the business of building an incubator, when the project was completed; our chickens supplied the eggs. Patiently, we turned eggs on a regular basis. The temperature was monitored as well as the humidity. Eggs were candled and progress of the eggs monitored. 20 days later, our first chicks appeared.

The third chick hatched, was spraddle legged. After a few hours, he was having trouble remaining in an upright position. An Internet search revealed the needed remedy. The corrective measure was a simple bandage. The bandage was cut in half lengthwise, the adhesive was wrapped around his legs, and the pad remained between his legs. Instructions stated that when the adhesive turned loose in a few days, the chick should be able to walk without the bandage. The patient also spent a day in rehab, which was a disposable cup, cut to allow him to remain in an upright position and regain his strength.

Standing up was tricky to begin with, but he learned. Walking was difficult also, but that impediment was quickly conquered. Within a few days, this little guy was running around with the other chicks. My first attempt as poultry physical therapist was a success. This spraddle legged chick grew to become a healthy rooster, and was named Doc.

The remainder of the chicks grew and developed into fine birds. We were pleased with the results of our first incubation and unexpected voyage into poultry physical therapy.  The Internet article stated that if efforts were successful, then I would be able to add the prestigious P.P.T. behind my name. I was successful and now qualified to use the prestigious P.P.T. behind my name, all of this because of a simple bandage on a formerly crippled chick’s legs.


Monday, June 17, 2013

A First Father's Day Without Daddy

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This is an old watch of Daddy's. It's as if time just stopped, oh how I wish that it could for those moments that we want to cherish. Yesterday was Father's Day and of course he was on my mind all day. I made it through yesterday, even as it was difficult. Yesterday is now history and for that I am grateful.

There was not a column in the paper yesterday, What was there to say? Below is last year's article.

This Father’s Day brings a feeling that I find difficult to put into words. Daddy’s body is still here, and sometimes those bits and pieces of Daddy make their way to the surface.

My heart believes that my Daddy is the best Daddy in the world. Daddy has spent a lifetime creating memories that will be carried with us for the rest of our lives. My heart churns with deep feelings as I write this, and the tears flow freely.

Daddy was not born into a family of worldly wealth; their assets were of a different variety. Music was part the family gift, it was merely second nature. Daddy sang beautifully, and now sometimes I sit beside him and we sing. That beautiful voice still rings out with lyrics that remain somewhere deep in his heart. Sometimes I am able to bring these songs out, and other times the songs remain hidden.

The memories of the jokes that we shared comes forward in my memory. His sense of humor, such that it was, is a gift he gave to me. We shared jokes that may have been considered corn ball jokes by some, but we shared laughter and good times over these jokes.

The memory of a beach vacation is fresh. We walked along the beach as a family. I walked behind Daddy, trying to step in the foot prints that he left in the sand. My short legs struggled to keep up with his steps. It was how I have lived, struggling to keep up with him, and attempting to walk as he did. It was a standard that I have rarely been able to meet, but continue to strive for.

The memories are numerous, and I am grateful for each one. The opportunity to make new memories is quickly disappearing. I am able to sit beside him. I greet him, he says “Hey Shugga” or “Hey Baby” and I slip my hand into his, he gently squeezes my hand and smiles.

Daddy will not read this, but I thank you for being the Daddy that you have been to me. Thank you for leaving your footprints to follow. Unless I too succumb to the Alzheimer’s beast, I will remember these things for you. Happy Father’s Day Daddy, you are the best Daddy a girl could have had and I am still trying to walk in your footsteps!

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Busy Life of Atticus

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Regular readers of this column know about Atticus. They are familiar with his antics and know that he is the author of mischief at our house. What they may not know is that Atticus does not have an easy life.
Atticus is a very busy feline. It is difficult to get all of the chores he must do completed, in addition to fulfilling his need for 20 hours of sleep each day.  He must plan his next mischievous deed and be ready to execute the plan at a moment’s notice. He must invent new games to play with Honey, and then there are the plans to rid his world of that annoying goat Ruby Tuesday. Ruby takes some of my attention, and I have noticed Atticus sitting in the window watching me play with Ruby. There are decisions that he must make each day, should he nap in my chair, or on the stairs? Will he eat 3 bites of his food or 4 bites before walking away and settling down for a nap? His mind must make so many decisions and he is exhausted by the time he does settle down for his nap. No, life is not easy for Atticus.
Atticus knows the secret to many mysteries. How did those clean towels that have just been folded get on the floor? Atticus knows the answer. Is there anything hidden in those balls of yarn that must be unrolled? Atticus knows the answer. Will an entire bottle of shampoo go down the drain if turned over? Atticus knows the answer. Where are those missing ornaments? Atticus knows the answer to that one too, he hasn’t shared it yet.
How does he do it? He is only awake for a few hours, how can he create so much mischief? Atticus has learned one important thing, convince the woman that you adore her and you can get away with almost anything. That is the key to his success/mischief. Purr softly and rub her leg gently when she is angry and has had enough of the mischief. Afterwards walk away smugly and think “sucker”, then take a nap.
My husband says that Atticus needs a job or something more constructive to do with his time. This concerns Atticus. He gets upset and then he must take a nap, reinforcing the idea that his life is busy and not easy. It is not all fun and games.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Porch Sink

There is now a sink on my front porch. Not just any sink, but a sink with a handmade base. We are not planning to hook up the water, but will leave the spigot in place.
Daddy made this sink base, it was in his shop. He made it using what he had on hand, not wanting to waste anything.
Can you guess what he used? If you are a cotton farmer's daughter, you may know.
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Now I have to decide what to do with it, fill it with flowers maybe? What would you do with it? Can you guess what he used to make it?

Joining the following parties

The Thrifty Groove for Thrifty Things Friday

Deborah Jean's Dandelion House For Farmgirl Friday

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Entering Our Home

When you visit our home, you will be greeted by someone with 4 legs. The question is which someone will be there? Lizzie is greeting visitors today.
This is the hardest place in the house to take pictures. The light is never right for a picture. Yesterday I tweaked a bit. The pictures were rearranged and 2 plates were added. A cost free makeover! Like all things in this home, items were acquired here and there over time. No expensive antiques, just items that were comfortable and inviting to us. Mismatched and formerly loved make up the things in our home.
This house has lovely pine floors throughout, there is no carpet here! I like that, it is not hard to clean, and when it is cleaned, I know that it is clean. Just a preference of mine. We were lucky that it was already that way.

 There were mini blinds on the door and windows, obviously the blinds came down and I made curtains from muslin.
This is the doorbell! Isn't that unique?
No visit to our home would be complete without an appearance by Atticus. He couldn't miss the opportunity to have his picture taken.
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Atticus and Lizzie thank you for dropping by and hope that you will visit again soon.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Spring Renewal

This past winter seemed endless to me. It would not go away. Winter ignored the calendar and kept her icy fingers around us. Spring was welcomed, allergies and all. Please don’t get the idea that I welcome the oppressive heat and humidity that will arrive too soon and stay too long. Humidity and allergies  wear out their welcome before arrival like an unwelcome house guest. This particular year I needed spring and the renewal that comes with it.
This past week, I cleaned and put away my treasured coffee maker. That was sad, after all my coffee maker is there for me every morning. We are friends, and very good friends at that. I don’t have to make polite conversation with it, nor am I required to dress up for our morning meetings. It simply does the job of providing morning coffee for us. No conversation required. Now that the days are warmer, hot coffee is not appealing to us. Cold brewed coffee is the warm weather choice at our house. Kevin does not appreciate coffee in any form on warm mornings, preferring iced tea instead. Meaning that the cold brew is all mine!
Cold brew is deliciously smooth and easy to make, be forewarned that it is high octane. The only problem is that it makes me forget my real age, I feel years younger. That would be great except the idea that I can do anything forms in my head. I grab my pen and paper and start the list for today. It is ambitious and daring. Mid morning I am still going strong and ready for anything, crossing items off the list as completed. Lunchtime rolls around and the energy is still there. My mind believes that my body is the age I wish it was and can tackle anything. Reality and mid afternoon occur, slowing me down. My coffee jolt, like this past endless winter is gone.
Spring has happened here. The plants and trees have bloomed, and the allergies did not skip us this year. Spring renewal happened.  My life is different this year, someone is missing.  Spring brings the bittersweet reminder that change happens, the good and the bad. It reminds me that out of the cold and dead of winter, fresh new life occurs. It reminds me that joy comes in the morning.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Family Picture

This is a family picture, it is not my family, but today they were adopted by me. A wonderful lady named Linda and her husband rode by our home last December, we were in the yard, so they stopped and talked to us. It turns out that the lady had special ties to this house. She said that they ride by sometimes because she remembers visiting her grandparents here. That was my lucky day!
Linda has wonderful memories of this house. She shared a few memories with me, and I wanted to hear more!! We liked this couple immediately, but knowing our connection cemented that friendship.
Today Linda stopped by and gave me a copy of this picture! It will be framed and hung with the rest of my family pictures. That precious picture should be hung in this house! Forgive the quality of the pictures, I was so excited to have this that I had to share right now!
Linda has wonderful stories to share and I can't wait to hear more. She loves this house, and we do too. Every house has a story, and this house is no different. My mind imagined that this house had grandchildren that visited, I was right! Linda confirmed it! This house felt happy, and we have been happy here. Did this couple and their visiting family leave some happiness behind for those that came after them? Maybe that much love and happiness just soaked into the walls, ceiling and floors and will remain here, no matter who occupies this home.
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I look forward to hearing more stories about this homes previous inhabitants. I do remember seeing this lady outside working in the yard, she wore a bonnet. Other members of this community have shared stories of jelly rolls, daffodils and old pick up trucks. I have loved riding past this house all of my life and never dreamed that I would live here one day. Knowing more about my newly adopted family makes living here even more special! We have to be family now, we share a love of this wonderful old farm house!

During our time here, I have wondered many things about this house. How many mothers walked across these old pine floors comforting their babies? How many babies were born here? How many meals were prepared here? If this house could speak, what stories would it tell us? There are so many possibilities, and so many stories that I want to hear!

I gave Linda the address of this blog and hope that she will see this! If you are reading this Linda, I am all ears! You can't share too many memories with me, I have loved hearing what you have told me. Thank you for sharing these memories with us and thank you for this picture, it will be hanging in the hallway with the rest of my family pictures. Your visit was a delight and we can't wait for you to come back!!