Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Musing - Doc

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Here is a blast from the past. Internet problems prevented me from submitting my article last week and I chose to run this article. Hope you enjoy!

My husband wanted to try an experiment a couple of years ago. He wanted to build an incubator. We had discussed the idea for some time, and it sounded like a good idea. Then a co-worker of his took the plunge and built an incubator for himself. His experiment was successful, and hearing these reports fueled our desire for an incubator.

My husband got busy with the business of building an incubator, when the project was completed; our chickens supplied the eggs. Patiently, we turned eggs on a regular basis. The temperature was monitored as well as the humidity. Eggs were candled and progress of the eggs monitored. 20 days later, our first chicks appeared.

The third chick hatched, was spraddle legged. After a few hours, he was having trouble remaining in an upright position. An Internet search revealed the needed remedy. The corrective measure was a simple bandage. The bandage was cut in half lengthwise, the adhesive was wrapped around his legs, and the pad remained between his legs. Instructions stated that when the adhesive turned loose in a few days, the chick should be able to walk without the bandage. The patient also spent a day in rehab, which was a disposable cup, cut to allow him to remain in an upright position and regain his strength.

Standing up was tricky to begin with, but he learned. Walking was difficult also, but that impediment was quickly conquered. Within a few days, this little guy was running around with the other chicks. My first attempt as poultry physical therapist was a success. This spraddle legged chick grew to become a healthy rooster, and was named Doc.

The remainder of the chicks grew and developed into fine birds. We were pleased with the results of our first incubation and unexpected voyage into poultry physical therapy.  The Internet article stated that if efforts were successful, then I would be able to add the prestigious P.P.T. behind my name. I was successful and now qualified to use the prestigious P.P.T. behind my name, all of this because of a simple bandage on a formerly crippled chick’s legs.



  1. I love that you have a PPT behind your name now. Good job!;>) xo Diana

    1. LOL!! Thanks Diana! Hope that I never have to do that again, he was a pitiful little thing. Thanks for visiting!!!

  2. Sounds like you are quite the chicken doctor! Lucky little chicken :)

    1. It was worth a try, and I am glad that it worked for him! He would have died without this simple fix. Now I know what to do if it happens again! Thanks for visiting Sandy!!!


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