Monday, July 29, 2013

Rolling In Clover

This is the first article that I wrote for my column. We still had Clover then. Clover has been gone for a year now, I haven't stopped missing her yet! Ruby Tuesday lives in Clover's pen now. Amazing is not a big enough word for Clover. Ruby has some big hoof prints to fill, but manages to fill them in her own unique and amazing way. 
There are things in this life that should not work, because the odds are against it. The relationship between my husband and me should not work, but it does. There was no reason for our relationship to work. We are so completely opposite, as are our backgrounds, but it does, it works. This life that we dreamed about together should not work, and it is filled with the unexpected, and more than our share of difficulties, but it does, it works for us. Nor should the relationship between myself, and a stubborn,  infuriating, cantankerous, gentle, loving, and amazing goat, but it does, it works. It works in amazing and unbelievable ways; each day is filled with new discoveries and adventures.
We talked about this way of life before we were married; we wanted the same things, except that my husband was not so sure about the goat. The goat was my idea because I have always wanted a goat. I blame both of my parents for this, as I inherited my love for animals from both of them, so you see the desire and acquisition of this goat is not completely my fault. I also told him that I wanted a cow and a Mimosa tree, there is not Mimosa tree in my yard, and the cow well that hasn’t happened either. Not yet anyway.
Clover came to live with us a little over 2 years ago. Her name had been picked out long before we got her. Clover was the name that I decided upon years ago. During this time, my husband had not agreed to the idea of a goat yet. The original plan was to get 2 Does; their names were to be Crimson and Clover. Crimson will have to wait. Little did I know how my life would change with the addition of Clover.
We bought her from Bruce, and he asked us how we would carry her home. Bruce put her in the cab of the truck at my request; I climbed up into the cab and pulled her to me.  As Kevin drove us home, Clover did not make a sound. She looked out of the window and up at me and sniffed my face. That was the moment that she won my heart! Looking at this creature, I saw that she had eyelashes. She has eyelashes!
Clover’s pen was ready for her, so Kevin picked her up and carefully set her down – I was watching. She was not happy, Clover missed her family immediately. I called Bruce and asked what we should do. Bruce told us to just give her a little lettuce, a banana or an apple. It didn’t work; she didn’t want her feed or handfuls of ground corn either. My heart was breaking because she was not happy. We made a trip to the store to buy animal cookies, and it worked. Clover likes cookies! That was the moment that I won her heart. There are these events that occur in life, when you know that your life has just changed forever, and this was one of those events. I had no idea of the journey that lay ahead for us, the lessons that I would learn, or how the addition of this silly goat would change my life forever.
Wanting Clover to become friendly with me, I walked into her pen with a bucket and sat down with a handful of cookies. If I had any intention of milking her, she needed to become comfortable with my touch. She had already accepted that I brought her treats, and approached me gently and easily. Touching her was easy, and it didn’t take long for Clover to touch me first. Now, Clover will jump for joy when I enter her pen, and then she runs to me and rubs against me. Clover’s fondness for me is evident. Understanding that this is a goat with horns, my safety has to be considered. Clover could knock me down and finally have the opportunity that she has been waiting for, Clover tries to climb on me and if I am sitting down, she wants to sit in my lap. Clover could knock me down and then I would find myself rolling in Clover.


  1. LOL. I have always wanted a goat, too. I love them. I want a pygmy one though-then I don't think it COULD knock me down. My friend raises them but we can't have them in the area we live in. xo Diana

    1. That's too bad that you can't have them in your area! I never knew how much I would like goats until we acquired Clover, or she acquired us rather! Her only intention in knocking me down would have been to love on me! Thanks for visiting!!!

  2. Hi Melanie. Oh, what a sweet little writing about your Clover. I can feel the love you had for her in your words. I've always thought goats are so cute although I've never had one.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Aw thanks Shelia! Goats are amazing to have around. Clover's purpose was to have kids and provide milk for soap and cheese. Clover had other ideas and refused to get married. Sadly Clover suffered from heat exhaustion last year and we couldn't get her cooled down. I still miss her terribly! Thanks for visiting!!!

    2. Aww... Clover sounds like such a sweetie! I just read your comment to Shelia about Clover getting heat exhaustion - so sad :( At least you have some precious memories:)

      Have a great week. Hugs!

    3. Last year was really hot here! I am surprised that I only lost Clover, it was hard on all of the animals, for some reason Clover did not handle the heat well last year as in year's past. Yes, I do have precious memories! Clover was a blast to know! She had a way of making people like her, it was funny! She could win over my friends that wear high heels everyday or any man that would look at her. Thanks for visiting Stephanie!!!


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