Monday, August 26, 2013

More Porch Progress

Each time that I walk out onto the porch, I find myself looking at the ceiling! I am loving the color!
The shutters have been painted. It does make me anxious to see the rest of the house completed!
The front porch will be completed by the day of my daughter's wedding, the rest of the house, well that is a different story.
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The color is calm and restful to look at and that is just the look that I wanted this porch to have.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Porch Progress and a Hint

We are finally at the stage where we can see progress on the porch! Yippee! Woo Hoo!
The ceiling has been painted a shade of pale sky blue.
The shutters have been scraped and will be repainted.
I am loving this blue ceiling. There is a reason for choosing blue. There was a time that porch ceilings were painted blue. Wasps were supposed to think it was the sky, and would not build a nest on the porch. True or not, I don't know, but I loved the idea of a blue ceiling!
There is also the story of "haint blue". Painting the porch ceiling and a room in an old house was done to prevent "haints" from inhabiting a house. Haint blue is a darker blue than the color we chose.
Now with all that work being done to the front porch, I couldn't just put the same old furniture back on the porch. The furniture needed freshening up and little something extra added. Here is a hint below.

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The lady that lived here when I was a child loved daffodils. There will be a nod to "Miss" Birdie on the porch. More to come later on porch progress!

The rain has prevented the porch from being finished, but now after seeing the ceiling, I feel like there is an end in sight!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Musing - Unbelievable Compassion

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There are moments when the actions of these animals amaze us. Their actions can be unbelievable. Such is the story of Jack and Jackie.

Jackie is a cat, and a pretty amazing cat at that. Jack is a young rooster, and was supposed to be a hen. Jack was attacked by another chicken. When we found him, his face was covered with blood and one eye was closed. We cleaned him up, doctored his wounds and isolated him. I did not feel hopeful that he would recover. Jackie watched me clean and care for his wounds. She sniffed his face gently. She knew Jack was injured and would need care.

The next morning he was still alive, but both eyes were shut. Jackie jumped up into the pen to check things out. She purred loudly and sniffed his face. Jack had to be hand fed and watered. What would I do with a blind rooster I wondered?

The next day Jack was placed on the ground, I talked to him so he was safe. We were afraid that Jack would need to learn how to live as a blind rooster. He listened to the sound of my voice and if I quit speaking, Jack turned his head trying to find the sound again. Jackie stood beside Jack, maintaining contact the entire time. She guided Jack as he walked. Jack did not mind and seemed to appreciate her company.

Jack improved and was able to open his left eye. He was then able to see his helper and realized she was a cat! He appeared to think about it for a moment, but decided that it would be okay for Jackie to continue to help him. They were friends despite their differences. The pair walked side by side in the yard. Jackie took her duties seriously and kept a check on Jack when he was in his pen.

Jack regained sight in his right eye and Jackie’s help was no longer needed. Jackie realized this and began to keep her distance from Jack; he is after all a rooster. Her job was finished. The pair remains friends, but from a distance now. Jackie showed compassion for an injured animal and cared for him the best way that she could. This story was amazing for us to watch and we were reminded that animals are as amazing as we will allow them to become.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Random 5

My Random 5 for Friday
1. It rained here this week - again. I went outside because I thought I heard something and I found this limb on chicken pen. There was no damage and everyone was fine, thank goodness! The trees have had so much rain that limbs are falling  all over the yard.
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2. The picture above shows a sky that I have never seen before. It looks scary, but everything was fine. It rained and we had a small amount of wind, but nothing bad.

3. The air is cool this morning, it feels like fall! Woo Hoo, come on cooler weather!

4. This week I have wanted to paint again. This is the first time that I have painted in months. It felt good to sit in front of an easel again!

5. Atticus watches me while I paint. He is good for the ego because he looks at every painting as if it were a masterpiece!


A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Afternoon Storm

We had a storm this afternoon. I walked outside before it came and the sky looked like this. I have never seen this before. Everything was still and quiet. There were no birds singing and my chickens and ducks were quiet. The temperature had dropped and it felt cold, very odd. My thought was that a tornado was forming or had formed somewhere.
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The rain came and it thundered in the distance. We were fine here. It was just an odd experience.

An Old Farmhouse Chest of Drawers

The day we looked at this old farmhouse, I knew that there were things that this lovely old home needed. A 3 drawer dresser was one of those things. Not a new reproduction, or a fine antique, but a piece that had seen much use. A piece that could be painted and would probably be imperfect.
This dresser was located in a local shop, it was my version of perfect. It had been painted an awful shade of brown and looked rather sad sitting in a corner, forgotten and neglected. It appeared to have been stored for a long period of time and was in desperate need of a good cleaning and some tender loving care. This piece came home with me that day.
The piece was cleaned and painted. It was glazed and some of the paint was sanded off. It doesn't seem right to say that it was distressed. Time had done that job for me. I then waxed this dresser and stood back, realizing that it would need hardware as the original hardware was missing.
My intention was to age the new hardware, as you can tell that hasn't happened yet. It is a future project.
The chest of drawers sat in my dining room for a time, then was moved upstairs to a bedroom.
There were no keys with this piece and I wondered what had been stored inside? What treasures had this chest held at one time?
I will never know the answers to those questions, so my imagination will have to create the answers.
This dresser could not have things on top that were brand new, it begged for time worn items. Things that were once loved by someone.
A tattered dresser scarf was put down first. Handmade by someone unknown long ago and once loved, it is loved and used once again.
An old hand bag rests on the corner. Some of the beads are missing and it is stained. It was once loved and carried by a lady, sadly this stained and forgotten hand bag was carried to the flea market, where I found it. It's imperfections make it perfect now and it is respectable once again.
Things that were once unloved now have a place here in this old farmhouse. That was how the residents of this area lived. They kept their things and used them in spite of their imperfections. Their homes were comfortable, clean and welcoming. I know this because it is how my family lived, I am a descendant of those old farmers and remember the things in my grandparents homes.
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Perfectly imperfect was the style. It was comfortable, inviting, imperfect and it was home in the most comforting sense sense of the word. The place we long for as adults and the place we played for hours as children. It is the style I love and work hard to create in this lovely old farmhouse. Imperfections are not only welcomed, but encouraged here!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

An August Wednesday Morning

This morning the air hangs heavy with humidity. More rain is in the forecast. The flowers have enjoyed this rain.
New blooms are something to smile about! There is hope in each one!
This is week 9 of the Porch Painting Project. My porch remains in disarray, but the flowers continue to show their lovely colors.
The railings have been painted, the forecast however doesn't offer any hopes of good painting weather. The door and window frames have been painted. There has been progress, it has just been oh so very slow progress.
The ceiling and floor of the front porch are still in need of painting. That will not happen this week!
Eventually it will be finished. The rain will subside.
Dry days will return and we will wish for the rain to come back.
The petunias are almost finished for the year. The color is the end of summer color, it is not as bright as it was in May.
Monday, I spotted 2 yellow butterflies. These butterflies always come before the end of summer. They let us know that fall can't be far away.
Jack and Jackie Update -  Jack is doing very well. He will be able to see with both eyes! We were afraid that he would have no vision at all and are delighted that he will be fine!
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Jackie continues to watch over Jack. She takes her job as personal protector and caretaker of Jack seriously.
Jack has been placed with his own small flock to prevent another attack from happening. The other rooster will never have another opportunity to attack Jack again!

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

Finally got a few minutes to run to the local thrift store. Things have been so busy here. You never know what you will find, but you know that it will be something good! This picture caught my eye. My Gran had one like this and I always loved it.
It had to come home with me! The frame needs a little love, or maybe a lot of love, or maybe a different frame altogether would be better.
The price was only $2!
These plates also wanted to get in my basket and go home with me. It's not my fault, I was unable to defend myself against their power.
A set of 6 cost $2. I will use them for awhile and then donate them back to the thrift store.
This set of 6 glasses was a delightful find. The glass is thick and the bottoms are heavy, unlike the glasses you find in stores today.
This set of napkin rings wanted to come home with me too! There were only 2. My table on the screened porch seats 2 so I thought that these would be cute out there.
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A trip to the thrift store is like a treasure hunt! You never know what you will find, you just find that perfect something that you have been looking for and hoping to find. It is an added bonus that your desired item has the perfect price as well!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Lizzie's Special Surgery

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Yes, I know that I have shown you this picture before, but I love the expression on her face! It is a favorite.

Lizzie had her special surgery recently. She is happier now, and will live a longer life. Like Atticus, Lizzie has her own story to tell.

Lizzie was taken to the vet to have her surgery. She was a bit nervous. The wonderful ladies there knew Lizzie must be a little bit scared and decided to make this experience less stressful for Lizzie.

The work day came to an end; all of the animals that were scheduled for surgery had arrived. Lizzie sat in her kennel not understanding what was going to happen to her.  The kennel door opened and Lizzie was lifted up into the arms of one of the women. “We are going to help you relax and have some fun Lizzie” one of the girls said. This sounded good to Lizzie and promised to be an unforgettable experience.

The first stop was for manicures and Lizzie would get a pawdicure. The warm swirling water sat before Liz, she was unsure about this, but slowly placed her paws in the water. It felt good to her paws! The friends helped Lizzie select the perfect shade of pink for her nails. This was fun, why had her people never taken her to have this done before?

The next place they visited was a mall. Lizzie was instantly mesmerized by the abundance of merchandise. The girls giggled and guided Liz to a store that had jewelry.  Lizzie tried on lovely collars that sparkled and admired her image in the mirror. She felt like a princess. The trio visited a store that offered lovely smelling perfumes. Liz sampled one that smelled nice. There was so much to see at the mall, but her tummy was beginning to rumble.

The trio left the mall and went to a restaurant. They told Liz to order what she wanted and she could not resist the salmon. It was delicious. This was fun, but Lizzie was getting tired now. She fell asleep at the table. When she woke up, the girls were there. Lizzie felt dizzy and looked at her paws. The polish was gone. Was this a dream?

Sensing what Lizzie must be thinking, Lisa told her that it had to be removed for surgery. We had fun last night Lisa whispered and winked at Lizzie. Lizzie knew that her life would be different now. She had experienced luxury and pampering. She would be content forever now.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Morning in the Country

Mornings are my favorite time of day.
The flowers wake up after a night's sleep.
The dew refreshes and greets the new day.
The air is cooler and the countryside is quiet.
The anticipation of the new day is everywhere after a refreshing rest.
What possibilities lay ahead?
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It is a time to be refreshed and enjoy the quiet time before a busy day begins.

My Uncle Zeke told me once that "no matter what happens today, the Good Lord gives you an opportunity to start over when you wake up to a new day, no matter what happens today, tomorrow is a new day". There is much wisdom in those words and he does not know how many times I have thought about them. Every morning that I am able to wake up, they come to mind. What opportunities lay ahead for you today?