Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Musing - Unlikely Friends

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Little Peep and Ruby Tuesday

Little Peep has grown to become a Big Peep now. We will not be changing her name though. Life has changed for Little Peep. She appears to be happy about the changes.

Little Peep evidently believes that she has 9 lives. I have explained to her that she is a chicken, not a cat. She doesn’t seem to mind and we hope that she will remain far away from catastrophe now that she is older.

Little Peep once lived alone. She could watch the others through the fence, but could not socialize with them. Little Peep was seen as weak by the other girls, that ability to stop and stare off into space did not help much either. Little Peep now lives the life that she once dreamed about.

Little Peep in now the head hen of her own flock! She is the boss and tells the younger girls what to do and scolds them if they do not listen. There is a rooster in the flock and Little Peep keeps him in line. He has learned that the girls eat any treats first, his job is to protect the girls from harm. The rooster is always at work. Little Peep’s social skills were not missing, they were just hidden and waiting to come out.

Little Peep has long conversations with her neighbor Ruby Tuesday. I wonder what they talk about. Did Ruby tell Little Peep which pocket I keep the special goat treats in? Do they discuss the types of worms that Little Peep looks for? Did she tell Ruby about her hopes and dreams and how they are coming true? Maybe she told Ruby what she is thinking about when she stops and stares off into space. Is she solving the world’s problems and knows the cure for the diseases that plague mankind?

Only Ruby knows, and she isn’t talking either. It appears that we will never know what Little Peep thinks about. Perhaps Ruby is the one doing all of the talking and she has shared her dreams with Little Peep. Maybe Ruby has decided that the goat of her dreams will be named Keith or Ringo. They will settle down and raise kids. Twins would be nice. We will never know for sure what these two discuss, and you the reader are left to imagine your own scenario about this unlikely pair of friends.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

49 Years Ago Today

49 years ago today, my parents were married.

Mama came home from college and married Daddy. Her heart remained with him the entire time she was away. She missed him terribly and couldn't stand being away from Daddy. They were married a few months after Mama came home.

There would be happy times and sad times, children and grandchildren, they would build a life together. A life that included bad crop years, a couple of business ventures, the remodel of a home, the loss of parents and other treasured loved ones and the difficult and fun times together that they shared. They chose to remain married, no matter what. They would spend 48 years together.

9 years ago today, we gave them a 40th anniversary party. I contacted friends from that period of their lives and some were there for the party! The cake was a replica of the wedding cake and pictures of their wedding and the announcement were on display. I wanted this to be a day filled with precious memories of a special day for them.
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The whole time that this party was being planned, I couldn't shake the feeling that there would not be a 50th anniversary. I do not regret giving them this party and am so glad that I did now!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Musing - A New Chapter

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The now grown up girl and the now grown up boy tied the knot a couple of weeks ago. A former class mate of the couple commented that it was about time.  Years of waiting and months of planning ended in less than a couple of hours. These now grown up children will begin a new life together filled with their hopes and dreams for the future.
The grown up girl spent her last night as a single gal with me. We talked for a long time that night. I couldn’t help but recall so many sweet memories. The first time that I held her, her first steps, the first day of school, her first heartbreak and many other firsts that made changes in her life. This night marked an ending; another life changing event would take place the next day. She may be a grown up girl, but this mama remembers the child that played with her dolls.
The grown up girl had breakfast in bed for her last morning as a single gal. Walking in the room to wake her for the big day, I paused for a moment. This was it, an ending for me, but a beginning for her. I called her name and told her that it was time to get up. The excited grown up girl sat up quickly and a smile spread across her face. She knew that the tray held her favorite breakfast but more importantly the day that she had spent months planning for had arrived. My heart saw the little girl that she was; my eyes saw an excited young woman that was ready to begin a new life. Today would be busy and memorable. She would attempt to keep each moment etched in her memory.
 The grown up girl walked down the aisle with a smile spread across her face. My mama eyes saw the bride walking down the aisle on her father’s arm, but the little girl was still inside. She was a lovely bride and the grown up boy was a handsome groom.
This chapter in our lives may end here, but a new one has begun. These grown up children will write their own story together. Their families will watch the story of their life unfold. May their hopes and wishes be the fuel that makes each dream come true.
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Scarecrow's Random 5

Scarecrow is sharing this morning for Random 5 Friday. 
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1. I came out of storage this week and I am here on the porch again!

2. The cat will not leave me alone, he is not afraid of me.

3. I am wearing a new vest, the other one was looking bad, even for a scarecrow.

4. I love fall mums, they are lovely.

5. This morning the air is deliciously cool, just my kind of weather!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Farm Junk Table Runner

Summer is almost gone and I am wondering what happened! I do love the cooler days and look forward to this time of year, it seems that summer came and went so quickly this year.
I decided to do a bit of changing up in the dining room. This room is difficult to take pictures in because of the lack of light. The problem could not be the inexperienced photographer that still doesn't know enough about the camera.
This time of year was always so busy for Daddy. Crops were almost ready to be harvested. There was a lot to do!
Admittedly, I am missing him an awful lot here lately. So I decided that if I wanted to change things up in the dining room, then I would use some of his things. It is not as good as having him here with me, but it is the closest that I can get for now. I wondered what he would think and say if he saw this table. He was probably ask me why I have this stuff on the table.
I got a board out of the shed and it was the perfect length for a runner.
When the time came to clean out the Daddy's shop, I wanted some old rusty things. I opened the box I had brought home last winter and found some washers, an old rusty spring among other odds and ends.
Daddy saved everything! He grew up during the depression and knew what it was like to do without, so he saved everything because "you might need it one day".
These forgotten rusty items will not be needed by Daddy anymore, but I like looking at them on the dining room table. I added a few doilies because I love the rust against the pretty doilies.
Now I needed some "new" place mats. I went to the feed store and got a couple of croker sacks. The material was cut into place mat sizes and the edges were frayed. I did not make perfectly straight lines on purpose. have you ever noticed how difficult it is to cut imperfect lines on purpose?
These napkins were already on hand, I liked the color and thought it would go well with the display. The napkin rings are simply metal washers.
This is the front of one of the bags, I loved it and will have to find the perfect use for it!
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Daddy would laugh and then tell me to get that rusty stuff off of the table! I love the way it looks and the sweet memories that it brings to mind.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

A Sunporch

There is a porch on the side of the house, it will become the new sun porch.
This porch will be screened in.
It was considered a bonus space. A space that needed some love and some pink furniture!
I gathered some pieces from here and there, painted everything pink. The bench is a found headboard. The pink shelf was found too.

My brother tore down his deck and we got this wood. My husband made a potting bench from that wood.
A few potted plants were added and the porch was complete. The only cost was the plants and the paint.
It was fun to create that porch!
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Now there will be a screened porch and a new look is in order.

The painter will paint the floor this week, everything will be the same color as the front porch and a new door will be installed. The fun begins soon! Furniture will need to be repainted and the "new" porch needs a new look.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Old Fashioned Lantana

When I was a child, this was in almost every yard. It is the Old Fashioned Lantana. It has a smell, not a bad smell but a distinct smell, it is not a hybrid.
This was in almost every yard, along with the other required plants and trees, fig trees, Mimosa trees, Rose of Sharon and of course there had to be a Pomegranate tree.
If I close my eyes when I inhale the fragrance, I am transported back to my childhood. It is a warm summer afternoon and I am in my Gran's yard. The memory comes with a smile!
I like the delicate shades of pink and yellow that this bush offers.
The blooms will be gone soon.
This lovely plant will sleep for winter and emerge again next summer.
This plant must have been here for years, I am happy that it is still here.
This is a flower predator! Fortunately for the lantana, it is in a place safe from the jaws of the plant predator. How can such a sweet face be a plant predator?
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There are other plant predators that live here and one is named Gertrude! If she could just get out, she would show us exactly what to do with all of these flowers!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Time to Relax Now

The past few weeks have been a bit crazy to say the least.
The upcoming wedding and having work done on the house have taken their toll. Do you remember the Dunkin Doughnuts commercial where the man meets himself coming home from making the doughnuts and he says "I already made the doughnuts"? That is how I feel, I have woke up every morning thinking that I have to make the butter mints and the cheese straws. Then I remember, I already made them and the wedding is over!

There is so much work that goes into a wedding. The house has to look good, never know who will be dropping by!
Let me say before my baby reads this that I did not do this to the car - Kevin took this picture, talk to him!
It was a lovely wedding for a lovely couple!
My daughter worked and planned for months and it was over in a couple of hours!
The happy couple is off on their honeymoon now and the tired mother of the bride is right here!
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It says "relax" and that is what I found myself doing Sunday and Monday. Tuesday is different, back to reality now! Yes I sat right there with a big glass of iced tea.

I don't have to make anymore cheese straws or butter mints though! I already made them!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mr. and Mrs.

They are now Mr. and Mrs.!
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My baby is married now!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Getting Ready

The finish line is one day closer! The porch floor was painted this morning!!!!
The floor appears very blue in these pictures, it is actually a gray blue.
The shutters were painted the same color as the floor.
The furniture has been repainted. We have been working hard here!
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We are getting ready for company and a wedding! I wanted the front porch ready for the big day and we are almost there!