Sunday, September 15, 2013

Old Fashioned Lantana

When I was a child, this was in almost every yard. It is the Old Fashioned Lantana. It has a smell, not a bad smell but a distinct smell, it is not a hybrid.
This was in almost every yard, along with the other required plants and trees, fig trees, Mimosa trees, Rose of Sharon and of course there had to be a Pomegranate tree.
If I close my eyes when I inhale the fragrance, I am transported back to my childhood. It is a warm summer afternoon and I am in my Gran's yard. The memory comes with a smile!
I like the delicate shades of pink and yellow that this bush offers.
The blooms will be gone soon.
This lovely plant will sleep for winter and emerge again next summer.
This plant must have been here for years, I am happy that it is still here.
This is a flower predator! Fortunately for the lantana, it is in a place safe from the jaws of the plant predator. How can such a sweet face be a plant predator?
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There are other plant predators that live here and one is named Gertrude! If she could just get out, she would show us exactly what to do with all of these flowers!


  1. I have some wonderful lavender lantana, but I agree that the yellow and pink is the most beautiful variety. :)

    1. Thanks Marsha! That lavendar lantana must be lovely! Thanks for visiting!!!

  2. We have plant predators too.
    They are all named

    1. Oh no, those are not cute and sweet predators! I think that I like Ruby and Gertie better than your predators! Thanks for visiting!!!

  3. Big smile. Love lantanas and your memories of the plants. I remember the smell of honeysuckle outside my bedroom window in the summer. Your plant predators have the sweetest faces. Who would ever guess the destruction they can do? I'm sure you forgive easily.

  4. Thank you Nonnie! Honeysuckle brings happy memories to me too! Love the smell still! Yes, my predators do have sweet little faces. If I did get mad, then Ruby would be ready with a nose kiss and any angry feelings would quickly disappear! Thanks for visiting!!!

  5. Lantana always remind me to my childhood. This is my mother's favorite flowers. I really love lantana. So colorful. I still find wild lantana on my country road side. Thanks for sharing.


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