Saturday, October 12, 2013

Busy Saturday!

Today was the 100 mile yard sale. We spent our morning at part of it. The weather warmed up quickly and we were wishing that we had worn something different! Funny how back in August and September 79 degrees seemed down right cold! Today we were sweating! The weather was beautiful, perfect weather for yard sales!
We came home and Kevin began painting the kitchen ceiling. We misjudged the amount of paint needed and had to go to town and get more. This gave me the opportunity to show him some things that I wanted about the new cabinet. We looked at the selection of lovely brand spanking new cabinets. There were some lovely choices and it would be possible to spend megabucks. We left that department with only ideas!
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  1. 100 mile yard sale these I've never heard of..and re: cabinet looking, isn't there just too many options to choose from, I usually want them all.

    1. They are lots of fun Lynn! This one started a couple of years ago, there is a lot to see and do. Yes, there are too many options! Loved a lot of things that I saw. Thanks for visiting!!!


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