Saturday, October 26, 2013

Keeping a Secret

I am keeping a secret. The idea was not mine. It came from Jane over at Cottage at the Crossroads. She is keeping a secret in her laundry room too. Read about it here.
Jane is one of those people that has a knack for doing many things well. Visiting her blog is like visiting a friend, and if you have ever corresponded with her, then you know that it is true. Hop over and pay her a visit if you have never visited her.
Jane did hers a little bit differently than I did. I liked her way better but could not find the type of Velcro that I needed. I had to improvise, so I used a tension rod and made a simple rod pocket for this piece of material.
There is a peek at my secret below.
Actually it isn't my secret, it's Maizie's secret! Her litter box and a container that holds fresh litter and other necessities is kept underneath. 
The table top was found and my handy husband just added some legs. It was intended to be used as a laundry folding table. It would be handy if I actually used it, admittedly I fold laundry when I watch the news at night.
You can see that the table top had seen better days, but I liked it just like it was. I sat an old washboard on top and bucket for those socks that have gotten separated from their mates. An old jar holds some clothes pins and the other jar holds a bar of my homemade laundry soap.
This washboard reminds me that it really isn't work to load the washing machine and let it do the work for me!
Another project completed! Thanks Jane, your idea was awesome!
The porch floor was dry and I couldn't help myself. I had to put my stuff back up there. There are a few things that need repainting, but I just couldn't wait! I have missed my porch! Abigail enjoyed the sunshine this afternoon, she missed the porch too.
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Come join me for a glass of iced tea. I promise that it tastes better on a warm sunny afternoon, sitting in one of those chairs!

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  1. I love your enamel topped table and the fabric that you used to hide the "secret." Most of that new-fangled kitty litter really does help us keep it a secret!

    1. Thanks Jane! This curtain also gives Maizie a place to hide. Guess that it is keeping 2 secrets then! Yes, the new stuff does prevent guests from guessing that you have a kitty. Now unless a guest has read this post, they will never know our secret! Thanks again for posting your idea! Thanks Jane and thanks for visiting!!!

  2. That is a good secret to keep. I did something similar in our last laundry room. I love not seeing the litter box..and I like it even better when I can't SMELL it! lol Yours looks great! xo Diana

    1. Yes it is a good secret to keep! I agree it is so much better when your nose can't tell that a cat lives here! Thanks Diana and thanks for visiting!!!

  3. Great idea with the table. I love the table and the fabric! I have some of that for my laundry room, when I ever get to work on it ;)
    The porch looks so inviting!! ENJOY!

    1. Thank you Michelle! I have had the fabric for some time now. You have to get fabric when and where you can here. I love that pattern too! Glad that you like the porch! Thank you and thanks for visiting!!!


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