Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kitchen Progress

Okay, that's not progress, that is an accident. We came home and found this after the grass had been cut Saturday. We weren't exactly happy about it. We mistakenly thought that since this pane was clear glass that it might not be so bad. We were wrong. The glass company told us that we need someone who does leading.
Looks lovely with the tape on it, don't you think so? Do I need to tell you how sick this makes me?
Now, for the good stuff. The walls are painted a buttery yellow. Yes, that is a brass light fixture and no I don't plan to paint it because I still like it. Clean it yes, paint it no.
The progress seems so slow to me. I am putting the kitchen back together and getting rid of some unneeded items.
Please forgive the poor picture quality. I drug out this set of dishes that I have had for some time. It was time for a change.
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There has been progress on the back porch! They began pulling up the floor boards today. They will finish that, paint the ceiling and trim, and put the screen back. Then the porch will be finished!Hopefully, they will be finished. This is an old home and sometimes a project gets started and you find out that it will not be a simple project. There is more there than you saw and a simple job becomes a complicated job quickly! Let's hope that is not the case. There is now a light at the end of the tunnel!

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  1. Aw. Sad about that window. Do you have a glazier in your area? Also, depending on the cost...would this be covered under your homeowner's ins.? Just curious. Such a pretty window. I know that is heart breaking.
    The paint looks wonderful. As does the brass light fixture. I say...if you like it don't change it. Looks like the painting is going well.
    I know what you mean about old houses and projects. You just never know if you'll open up a bigger can o' doing a remodel project.
    Hope the back porch doesn't become a problem like that for you.

    1. We are looking for one, hard to find here! Thank you, I am glad that the wall painting part is finished! Now for the cabinets, ugh! It seems that we have opened one can after the other of worms here! There was more to do than just paint that porch, but maybe everything will be fine now. I sure hope so! Thanks Pat and thanks for visiting!!!

  2. so sorry about your window,those old lead glass windows are expensive to get replaced
    I have two and hold my breath they don't get broke

    1. They are, but one of the things that I love about this old home. Thanks and thank you for visiting!!!

  3. Living in an older home, I have found that everything is a bigger project than I ever anticipated. It's so important to keep focused on that light at the end of the tunnel! That beautiful window!?! *gasp* Oh, I feel for you! We had two broken windows that my husband had to fix himself since they don't sell anything like them anymore. They stood broken for 2 or more YEARS. I so feel your pain! Your Kitchen is gorgeous...and I like the brass fixture. ;)

    1. Thank you Michelle! You are right, everything is a bigger project than anticipated. Keeping focused on the end result is crucial. Yes, I am afraid that one of us will be learning how to repair these windows too! Thank you for the compliments and I am anxious to have the whole kitchen ready to show! Thanks for visiting!!!


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