Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Maizie's Rough Life and Laundry Room Update

It's rough being Maizie. You have to get up everyday and eat, play with your toys and then you have to lounge around on something. Whatever you can find, a pillow on the sofa, just whatever. Life is tough when you live like that. Before you know it, then it is time to eat again and at some point, you have to go to bed.
Maizie is doing great after her special surgery. She will never know what it is like to have kittens all of the time, Good thing she has other things to spend her life doing. It is hard to find just the right pillow to lie on, and of course every time you get to sleep in a comfortable position, here comes that woman with the camera again!


The painting is done in the laundry room. Now it is time to put the room back together and give it a little personality. The bulletin board below was a plain one. No personality whatsoever. I painted the frame black and pulled some material from my stash and covered the cork board with it. Now I have a place to start my grocery list and keep it in one place or to place a reminder of a needed item.


These frames are dollar store frames that were spray painted black, the mats probably came from the dollar store too. I can't remember because I have had them for awhile and changed the frame color and what was inside the frame several times.

I used the same material and cut out different scenes from the toile.

I bought a new container of paint and used it on this project. The frames and mats have been used for different pictures. The cloth was in my stash, making this project almost free!
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Now it is time to hang them on the laundry room walls. This is another inexpensive addition to this room.

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  1. I've not really ever had a thing for toile...but lately, it has been catching my eye! I was with my daughter a couple of weeks ago and she picked up a remnant of it at the thrift store-- 1/2 off days... so for the bundle I think she got it for about ¢.75 .... can't beat that with a stick! :)
    I like the frames. The also, I like the bulletin board. I have one in my kitchen...and boy! does it get used. The Honey makes use of it for his paper work for the V.A. and junk. Periodically, I have to clean it off. I have some page protectors with a ring binder holding them together. I keep our menus for local places in them and hang it on the bulletin board too. So...most of the time my bulletin board is full.
    You'll love having a place for your shopping list.

    1. I have always loved it! I did my bathroom in it several years ago. Your daughter was lucky! Fabric is hard to find around here now.

      So glad that you told me that! I thought that it would be handy. page protectors - that's a great idea that i may have to borrow! If mine stays full, then that is fine, that will mean less clutter on the counter! Thanks Pat and thanks for visiting!!!

  2. Aww, Maizie looks like such a sweetie! Glad she's doing good.
    Cute pictures, too :)

    1. Maizie is a sweetie. She is a funny and spoiled sweetie! Thanks Susan and thanks for visiting!!!

  3. Cute cat. I love the pictures, so simple but look so interesting

  4. Maizie is adorable. I need to get Gremmie fixed soon too. xoxo, olive

    1. Thanks Olive! She is a sweetie pie! I hope that Gremmie does well with her surgery too! Thanks for visiting!!!


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