Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Musing - The Dreaded To Do List

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The artistic Maizie. This floor painter has been fired and is now enjoying retirement.

This is the time of year that I find that I have just about run out of steam.  Looking at my to do list, I don’t see some things completed. Where is the energy to finish that list I wonder?

I have a thousand excuses as to why my list is nowhere near completion; there is not enough room here to share them all. Trust me they are all good! It takes time and some thought goes into making up a really good excuse. Creativity is involved, and if you are creative you can come up with some good excuses, much better than the dog ate my list. I wondered if the dog would eat my list, maybe if I put lots of gravy on it. If the dog eats my list, then I will not be required to finish it! That is an idea, but I digress.

Kevin questioned me about the list and I mentioned that some painting needed to be done. He agreed to do it and I was delighted. The laundry room was on that list.

The work began this past week. The walls were painted a soft green and the trim will be white. I am pleased with the look. It is a soft and clean green. Last night, Kevin began painting the trim. He removed the lid and laid it down on the floor. I heard a commotion and angry sounds coming from the laundry room.

Fearing what I would find, I entered the laundry room. There he stood, wet paper towel in hand. The cat walked across the lid. We cleaned up the paw prints. Okay, that is done, back to painting.

This morning, something caught my eye, I looked down. My head began to spin and the room grew dark. I felt a cry attempt to escape my throat, but it remained stuck. I needed coffee fast. Dropping to my knees, I counted 7 white paw prints on the floor, 3 were on the rug. Crying would not help the situation.

I cleaned the paw prints up. Where is that list? The list is hiding, mocking me, and holding me hostage. Should that list appear, then I will make gravy for it. Maybe Honey will take care of the wretched list for me. The excuse list looks more fun now. Besides, the cat can’t create a mess from that list.



  1. Oh Melanie, how frustrating! I do hope you are able to get everything done on your list without any more interruptions. Although I must say, cat paw prints on the floor would be kind of cute :) Have a blessed week, friend!

    1. Well Stephanie, the floor painter has been fired, so hopefully she will remain in retirement! LOL!! I did notice that my husband is more careful where he lays the lid. I can't prove it, but I think I heard laughter and it was coming from Maizie's direction! Thanks for visiting Stephanie!!!


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