Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Musing - Telemarketers

There was a time when a live telemarketer would call our homes in the hopes of making a sale. Now, it is a recording of a fake and overly cheerful sounding person that harasses us. These annoying calls often come at dinner time and are an irritation to most of us. It must be easy to pretend to be cheerful when you are making a recording that you will never hear a response from. If you have dealt with any of these callers, then you know that they are almost as charming as those people who frequent parking lots begging for money for their “cause”. Your reward from these people who are willing to aggressively bully you for your money may be “fresh” doughnuts or candy. These unscrupulous people make it difficult for those that are honest, and simply want to raise money for a worthy cause.
These new recordings have me longing for the days that an actual person called.  A live human being with the ability to interact with the caller was more fun. Recorded messages lack the appeal of a live caller.
My daughter was a creative child and her imagination had no limits. She enjoyed a good telemarketer call. It became a game for us, and often resulted in a wrestling match to see who would answer the call. It was fun to listen to her and she had the ability to make a telemarketer apologize for calling. Now that is talent!
It was amusing to hear what she had to say, and occasionally I felt bad for the caller. She would talk to them about her cat, her friends or whatever was happening in her world that day. Perhaps those callers were very sorry for calling our house.
This makes me realize that maybe what I really miss is the time that Katie was young and at home. We had lots of fun together and I think she had a lot of nerve to grow up so fast! I was still having fun. There were things we did not get to do. That time slips away so quickly.
Time passes and technology brings new ways for telemarketers to harass us, they text us now, during dinner of course. My smarty-pants message on the answering machine is there to greet the computers that will not appreciate my humor. My mama heart will always miss the fun.


  1. With time comes change and sometimes it's not what we wish. I'd love to do away with telemarketers altogether. But, they say that telemarking works... How did they come to that conclusion? !!

  2. I don't know how either! I have never heard anyone say that they bought anything from them, most people avoid them. Do these people really exist or is this just a way to annoy us?

    Thanks Latane and thank you for visiting!!!

  3. we have an unlisted number or caller ID, in all the years here I'd say we've had two such the sms' are another thing and when delete is such fun. Your daughter had the right idea..;-) and yes kids will grow up darn them.

    1. We are on the Do Not Call List, they found a way around that though. They claim to be "nonprofit" organizations. They intend to bully you out of your money, by claiming to be some worthy cause. If they are on the up and up, why can't they send you info that can be verified? Disgusting!!!

      Yes, they do grow up and too fast at that! We were having fun, there were still things to do, and then she goes and grows up and moves out! The nerve! LOL!! Glad that she is happy and healthy, but we did have loads of fun! Thanks Lynn and thanks for visiting!!!

  4. We just don't answer the phone. We know that anybody who really knows us also knows our cell numbers. I will say that I had felt some sympathy for telemarketers who were real people. At least they were working and earning a living. That being said, they have always been an annoying interruption, especially at dinner time.

    Time flies by so quickly and the kids are out before you know it. :-(

    1. Good idea Nonnie! Yes, time does fly past too quickly!


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