Monday, October 21, 2013

Pantry Curtains

Today I had planned to do a little bit of painting for accessories. The weather had a different idea though! It is cloudy and it looks like it may rain at any moment. Please forgive the pictures, I could not get enough light into this area and had to use the flash in a couple of pictures.
Since I couldn't paint, I decided to make the curtains for the pantry. Material is difficult to find here, so you often use what you can find. I looked for sheets with a pretty black and white design, but no luck. Standing in my favorite dollar store, I wondered what I could use and went to the table cloth section. They had black table cloths!
I bought one, it was 60 inches by 84 inches. That was perfect!
The cloth was cut in half, lengthwise, giving me 2 pieces that were 84 inches long and 30 inches wide. The edges were zig zagged to prevent fraying. I folded the top down, creating sort of a valence and clipped the curtains with curtain rod clips.
My husband mounted a rod to the shelves. This is one of the paint projects. You can tell that the rod is gold colored and the clips are a silver color. I wanted everything one color, but you make do with what you can find locally here, or you make a trip into a bigger city to find what you want.
The curtains are hung, but wow, that is too much black! I have some more material and I think that I will make a trim for the curtains.
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This is an almost completed thing that can be checked off of my list soon. Maybe this is "almost" progress.

Weather report indicates that it may rain tomorrow. It will be a good day for sewing. Painting will have to happen later in the week.

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  1. Your curtain turned out great! Functional and pretty :)

    1. Thanks Susan! Needs something else though, maybe trim? Thanks for visiting!!!

  2. We had some very fall like weather today too.
    Lots of clouds, intermittent showers...and blustery winds, blowing in some cooler temps for sure!
    I have pantry envy. I'm keeping my eyes open for a floor standing cupboard to be hopefully used in my kitchen for a pantry. I like the curtain on yours! Great idea to use a table cloth too.
    I liked seeing all the jars full of dry goods in your cupboard--creates a cheerful nostalgia. :)
    Enjoy your sewing days.

    1. Weather should be even cooler later this week here. Fall is definitely here! I have wanted a pantry for so long and then one day I had a duh moment. The space was there, why not use it? Hoping you find that perfect standing cupboard soon! Handy husband made the shelves, so I lucked up there! Thank you Pat! your words are always appreciated! Thank you for visiting!!!

  3. Hi Melanie, Your pantry curtain covers look great. Love how they turned out. We did something similar in our pantry and it worked for many years. Last year my hubby finally made some doors for them. It is working but I still like the curtain look and the idea you can change it if needed.
    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment.
    Have a great fall day.
    We are cold in the mornings but warming to 75 during the day.

    1. Thank you, I like to be able to change things from time to time. Thank you for your comment! It is always a pleasure to have you visit!!!

  4. When undergoing so many projects, it's nice to hide things to give a cleaner look. Nice job! I so love having you for a blog friend. I can't wait to see what you do next!!!

    1. Thanks Michelle! It is nice to be able to hide things, it seems that everything has been chaos for awhile now and I have looked for any way that I could to have a little bit of order. Thank you for visiting friend!!!


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