Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Lizzie, also known as Lizard, Lizard Blizzard, and The Miracle Cat.
Favorite Activity - Chasing leaves across the front porch as the wind blows them.

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This was taken last week. It is the last picture taken of Lizzie.

It has taken me 3 days to post this. Lizzie enjoyed the front porch and chasing the leaves across the porch. I let her out for her daily fun this past Saturday after lunch. She was not there when it was time to come in. We walked the orchards and the road Saturday evening until almost 10 p.m. and couldn't find her. Lizzie always stayed on the porch except when I took the dogs out, then she walked with me. Kevin found her Sunday and thought that it had just happened.

My amazing Miracle Cat, Lizzie is missed desperately. I still feel like this can't be true!

You can read about Lizzie's Special Surgery and the fun she had with Lisa here.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Wednesday Musing

This is for my friend and class mate Sonya. It is from my column Mellie's Musings and ran before I began posting my columns here.
There is always something to do outside. There always seem to be plenty of fire ants in this area. You can guess where this is going, because you probably have had your own experience. The scenario is familiar, you are experiencing the great outdoors and then you feel the burning sensation on your foot. You have been stung by a fire ant. This happened to me yesterday.
Closer inspection revealed the tiny beast. How is it that something so very tiny can hurt so badly? How is it that these tiny pests know exactly where the strap of your sandal will be? They know somehow, or they choose a place where the sting will be noticeable to everyone. Their microscopic brains know the exact spot to inflict the most damage.
Perhaps their brain power should be harnessed to do good rather than harm. Imagine if that ability could predict when and where a storm would hit, think of the lives that could be saved! Think of the problems that could be solved, if only we could harness that power.
Once in school, my friend Sonya and I decided that we needed to investigate these evil pests further. We each carried a jar to school and scooped some fire ants from the playground, into the jar. We were going to take notes and watch what these ants did. We would be the ones to solve the fire ant problem for the world. The next day when we talked, we were both discouraged because our mothers would not let us bring the jars into the house. This event may have ended a career in science for the dynamic duo of Sonya and Melanie, now the world will never know what discoveries we would have made about fire ants, thanks to our Mothers refusing to allow us to examine these pests in the comfort of our homes.  Just think of the impact of 8 year old minds would have had on this problem. We did move on to other intriguing ideas or mischief rather.
Fire ants are still a problem; however I now understand why our mothers would not welcome them in the house. We did not manage to solve that problem, but continue to live in a world where the fire ants know exactly where the strap of your sandal will be, so that they can leave their mark.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Musing - Heartbeats

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a breakfast with some of my classmates. Our 30th reunion was the same weekend and I was unable to attend the banquet, so the impromptu breakfast was a must.

Walking into the room, I saw the sweet faces of my friends. The girls greeted each other with squeals of delight. Thirty years disappeared into thin air, and the sweetness of youth reappeared among us. It was as if no time had passed. We may be more mature at this point, but these hearts have remained young.

The field was level, we were each successful in our own way and there is no place for haughtiness on level ground. The questions we all had for each other were how many children, any grandchildren, and where do you live? This is an extraordinary class that has ignored ordinary and embraced reaching higher. We were taught to overcome mundane and have climbed our own ladder yet we remain able to reach across to each other.

Looking around the room, I wanted to hold on to each moment, memorize each face, the sound of their voices and laughter to carry with me. A precious friend said it best when she stated that she was coming to this reunion to be with the people that she grew up with, that knew her and loved her anyway. It was true. We grew up and learned together and sometimes we taught each other.  We have taken our own paths in life, yet we each basked in the company of the ones that knew us in a way that only we understood.

The breakfast quickly turned into lunch and it was time for the small crowd to disperse. My heart did not want to go back to reality, but remain with my classmates inhaling the sweet youth that had momentarily returned to each of us. The laughter once again flowed easily, as if no time had passed and we enjoyed the presence of childhood friends.

 There were secrets shared with the laughter. Sorry they can’t be revealed here or anywhere. I will share a few tidbits: trying on different shoes, Duck Dynasty and a certain classmate needs to upgrade her phone.  A secret is so much better when it comes with a smile and the familiarity that exists among friends. The extraordinary Class of 83 Bobcat heart beats stronger than ever.


Friday, November 15, 2013

A Random 5 Friday

Today doesn't seem like Friday to me. Perhaps it is because of the observance of Veteran's Day on Monday, or could it be because time seems to speed up as we approach Christmas. Time will move quickly until the end of December. Thanks for joining for another Random 5 Friday!
1. I wish that I could take a photography class! I see things that I like in pictures and things that I wish I knew how to change. Maybe one day I will have the opportunity.
2. Last weekend, I went to a breakfast with some of my classmates. We had so much fun and laughed so much. Time may have altered appearances, but hearts are still the same.
3. Glad to say that the kitchen, laundry room and bath have been painted. If DIY home projects are the test of a marriage, then we must be okay. We survived! The porches were not painted by us. There is only so much a relationship can survive!

4. The warm sunshine must feel good to Maizie. She is lying in an odd position for a cat. Guess that the sun feels that good on her belly.
5. The pan of chicken below may not top the list of healthy foods, but sometimes we just gotta have fried chicken! It is not often that I will fry our food, and it will be awhile before I do it again. Maybe that is why we enjoy it so much, it is a treat!
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Thank you for visiting and hope that you have a super weekend.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Clean Laundry?

Perhaps we should change his name to Spoiled Rotten Little Stinker. I walked away to put more clothes into the dryer and came back to this.
When the weather turns cooler, the animals like to snuggle too. Honey will allow Maizie to lie in her bed for a little while.
Honey doesn't want her to get too close though. After all Maizie is a cat and Honey is Queen Over All Animals here. Commoners are not allowed to touch the Queen. They may sit nearby while adoring her but must make sure that they do not touch her.
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Cold air will be moving in today, record lows for this date are predicted for tonight. The Queen may welcome the warmth of an adoring feline under these circumstances.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Unexpected Surprises

Sometimes, the one thing in this world that you are absolutely sure you didn't want or need finds a way into your life. You know, that thing that if someone asked you if you wanted it, you would turn quickly and run from?
The one thing will surely come along and work a way into your life and before you know it, it has your heart. That has happened to me. My seemingly unneeded "thing" has a name, Gray C. Mae.
I took this little fuzzball to the vet because of a cold. My vet looked at the name on the card  and asked if this was a girl or a boy and then he checked.

It is a boy. Yes, her is a him. We can't have a boy named Gray C. Mae. I never looked to see, I didn't care because my heart was stolen.
My husband jokingly says that he is a bad baby. He moves like greased lightning and he is trying his best to become as wide as he is long. Everything in sight is something that needs to be played with.
He needs a real name now. Bad Baby is not a suitable name. Atticus is excited because he has a pet now! Maizie thinks that he needs a bath and has held him down to give him several.
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You never know when that thing that you don't want or need will come into your life. There is no preparing for it, it just happens. An unexpected surprise can come to you. Then you look into those eyes and that is it, you have just lost the battle.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Musing - Time Change

Did you set your clock back Saturday night? If you didn’t, then you missed that extra hour of sleep and you will have to wait a whole year before you get the opportunity again. I know this because I managed to miss mine last year. That is one less hour of sleep. When the time sprang forward this past spring, I woke up an hour earlier, so it was like waking up two hours earlier. The total is three hours now and I feel cheated at this point. These hours could really add up over a lifetime.
The reason behind daylight saving time is supposed to be a way to conserve energy, what about the personal energy loss that a time change causes? The time that we have to sleep is precious to most of us. Our bodies must adjust to a different schedule, now we are going to bed an hour earlier. That was probably not good news if you are a child.
This made me wonder who had this not so brilliant idea and why. George Vernon Hudson, an entomologist in New Zealand was one of the men with this idea. He wanted to collect insects in the evenings. Is this the reason that we must struggle with a time change? Have our sleep patterns been disrupted so that this man, who is no longer with us, could collect bugs? Does that make you mad?
There are other reasons for the time change and if you research it you can find that there has been a study done somewhere that will support whichever view you prefer to take. It does not matter if you are for or against the time change, there is a study somewhere to support your point of view.
The fact remains that Daylight Saving Time has ended and your body must adjust to that change. Unless you are Atticus, Ruby Tuesday or Little Peep, then you can enjoy the fact that you are getting fed an hour earlier now. That is fine until springtime and those annoying humans begin to feed an hour later. Their protests are loud, these poor animals can’t understand that a man once wanted to go outside and collect bugs. There is probably a study somewhere that will support our animal’s feelings and prove that changing the time is not beneficial for them.  Perhaps Mr. Hudson's collected insects should have had a study done for them too.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saturday Jobs

The 31 day challenge is finished, but there were still some things that needed to be completed. Fortunately I had a helper. Lizzie was interested in what I was doing and she wanted to be right in the middle of everything, until she noticed that the leaves were falling from the trees and they needed to be chased. Perhaps she was making sure that there was nothing dangerous or tasty rather, hiding in the leaves.
She did come back and resume the position as my assistant. We painted today. The weather was lovely and warm. The furniture for the sun porch was in need of fresh paint.
The rocking chairs still need a couple of touch ups because my assistant wanted to sit in them.
We have a sink in the laundry room. It is one of the enamel coated sinks with the metal cabinet. The cabinet was in need of a fresh coat of paint and now it looks so much better. It was one of those things that we had put off doing and then wondered why we waited. It will get some new or different hardware rather.
The porch will need to be arranged with the freshly painted white furniture. Christmas ideas are dancing around in my head, right along with plans for the things that I want to do next summer! I am thinking about outdoor curtains for this porch a couple of ceiling fans and a bed swing!
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Now that all of the painting and work has been done on the porches, it is time to shake the pecan trees. Guess that I will be covering up the furniture when they begin shaking the trees!