Friday, January 31, 2014

5 Things I Am Anticipating

5 Things I am anticipating
1. Late winter flowers, they signify that spring is really coming. It isn't a dream or a wish.
2. Baby chicks, fluffy cuteness that will one day lay eggs.
3. Warm, not hot, sunny days.
4. Green, green and more green. Green leaves, green grass and even weeds, just green and alive!
5.  Fresh from my garden tomatoes.
This year all of these things will be much appreciated! We have had cold bitter temps, and ice this week. Guess that we are all ready for a change.
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Random 5

1.  This time of year I find myself dreaming of spring and spring means chicks! Wish I could talk this gal into going broody, but it isn't that easy. I will dream instead, of the chicks we will purchase.
Little Peep
2.  Days like today have me dreaming of warmer weather too! I find that it is a privilege not to have to break up water for the animals on a daily basis! Hello Spring, are you listening? Come quickly!
3.  There is an upside to cold weather and that is homemade soup!
4.  My garden is in the planning stage right now.
5.  We ordered more gas today, it costs fifty cents a gallon more than it did last week! Adding insult to injury, costs aren't expected to come down anytime soon.
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cinnamon Coffee Syrup

There are those of us that enjoy coffee all year and there are those that drink coffee only when it is cold. I am a faithful coffee drinker all year, my husband is a cold weather coffee drinker. He ignores the reasons that I offer as to why this life giving beverage is delicious and necessary daily.
 Cinnamon Coffee Syrup makes this daily requirement a special treat. We all know that coffee tastes better when shared with a friend, look for the recipe here.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This will be a short post. My friend V is in ICU, she has pneumonia in both lungs. Please pray for her. Thank you!!!

Update on V
V had a good night last night. The Doctors are reducing the vent slowly. V remains a fighter but still has a long road ahead. Please continue to keep her and her family in your prayers.

Update on V 1/27/14
There was good news this morning! An infectious disease doctor visited her this weekend as she was not improving. He took her off of the vent and she was able to wake up! She is on different medications now. V still faces a long road ahead. Please keep her in your prayers!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Musing - Endless Possibilities

Atticus loves cold weather. He can find a nice warm spot to nap. If he can’t find that spot, he will look for me and demand one. That means that he wants me to sit down so that he can nap in my lap. He is in my lap as I type this. Sometimes he sits up so that he can watch my fingers type, other times Atticus is content to sleep.

We often say that our pets have the good life. I think that they make the good life for themselves. They choose to look for the good things in their lives and find contentment there. Atticus does not appear to sit around thinking about the ways that his life could be different or better. He finds contentment in a warm spot to nap, a fresh bowl of water and looks for an opportunity to create his special brand of mischief. Trust me, he capitalizes on those opportunities.

This is another reminder that if we slow down and pay attention, we can learn something. Atticus does not care that some may not like him; he ignores that fact and focuses on the fact that some do like him. He may read my blog at night after I am asleep and know that he does have his own following. Maybe he delights in the fact that my very own mother and my friends like him. Atticus happily surrounds himself with the ideas that make him happy.

Atticus does not concern himself with the things he does not have, he realizes that it would interfere with the things that make him happy. He believes that life will provide the special moments for sleep and mischief; he finds contentment in knowing that a new day will bring many new possibilities to his feline life.

Atticus enjoys his share of contentment.  There is joy in sleeping in Kevin’s chair moments before he is about to walk in, knowing the location of missing items, and the many naps that he takes. He has goals for his life; don’t think that Atticus lacks ambition. He must seek new ways to annoy Kevin, locate and scatter the contents of my purse and then there is that dog. The dog is a source of pleasure when kenneled.  The possibilities that arise daily for Atticus are endless.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Musing - The Mind of Atticus

Atticus hopes that you enjoy this article, it is about him. He is sure that everyone who reads it will enjoy reading about him. He is fascinated with the subject of Atticus.
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The mind of Atticus is not a complicated place. He has few thoughts, but the thoughts that he has are of course self centered. The main thoughts running through his feline brain are need fresh food, fresh water, need sleep, need more mischief in my life, need sympathy, and how to meet these needs.

Fresh food and water are easy, simply meow and if those needs are not immediately met, meow louder increasing the volume until fresh food and water appear.  Sleep is also an easy need to satisfy.  A favorite spot for a nap is Kevin’s chair; the result is a showdown between the two.

The scene is something like this. Kevin walks in the den and spots Atticus, napping contentedly in the recliner. Silence envelops the room; the sound of wind blowing can be heard as tumbleweed rolls across the floor. The showdown is about to occur, and everyone scurries for cover. I can’t be sure but I think that I have heard the sound of music from an old western playing in the background. Kevin pauses, his hand twitches, slowly he walks across the den floor. The sleeping feline continues napping, ignoring the scene unfolding around him. The air is heavy with anticipation.

Our dog Riley, peers out from the safety of her kennel, wishing that she had the ability to close the kennel door. The battle begins as Kevin stops in front of his chair, reaching down he taps on the shoulder of Atticus, instructing him to wake up and move. Atticus realizes that the standoff is about to take place, and remains in position, eyes closed. Kevin speaks again, and is ignored. Irritated, Kevin picks up the feline and places him on the floor, undeterred Atticus jumps back into his place. Kevin removes the feline again. Atticus backs down, realizing that it may appear that he lost the battle; he knows that he has won. He comes to me meowing pitifully, he has met his needs for sleep and mischief, and now he will receive the coveted emotion of sympathy from me.

The mind of Atticus may be a simple place, but this conniving feline knows how to win a battle, and meet his feline needs.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Musing - Tradition or Superstition

A new year is here, and with it comes immeasurable possibilities. A new year is an opportunity, a fresh start and is exciting to think about.  I choose not to be superstitious, or as my blogging friend NanaDiana’s 6 year old granddaughter calls it, stoopidstitious. We would have failed before the year began if we placed our faith in superstitions.

There are ideas that if we wash clothes on New Year’s Day, then someone in your family will pass away. Have you ever been to a funeral or visitation and heard the family trying to find the person who chose to ignore superstition, do their laundry on January 1 and cause the demise of their loved one? What authoritarian figure is keeping track of those that washed clothes on that day? The New Year’s Day Police perhaps? Will they press charges for the offense and is jail time a possibility?

There is also the idea that the things you do on this day, such as housework, must be done every day of the New Year. Superstitions place a burden on the believer and set them up for a year of failure.

This idea is probably true for Atticus. He spent New Year’s Day napping; now he will be forced to endure a daily nap. Atticus will be required to wake from his nap and enjoy a snack and a drink of water.  He will sleep late every day and launch an attack on his favorite toy of the moment. Atticus should have a good year thanks to silly superstitions. Is it possible that Atticus believes in superstitions?

There is an idea that I embrace and that is the traditional New Year’s Day meal. The Christmas season is filled with delicious treats, party fare and quick meals. These are all yummy, but the idea of black eyed peas and greens is very appealing. My southern heart is delighted to prepare this traditional meal every year and my husband’s southern taste buds are happy also. We haven’t seen financial gains because of the food. We eat it each year because we enjoy it. It is a tradition.

Our lives will be affected by what we choose to believe. My choice is to keep my faith and expect fantastic and amazing things to happen in 2014. This will be a year of endless possibilities. Good things will happen in spite of the bad. It is my mission to uncover and utilize these possibilities.