Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Musing - Endless Possibilities

Atticus loves cold weather. He can find a nice warm spot to nap. If he can’t find that spot, he will look for me and demand one. That means that he wants me to sit down so that he can nap in my lap. He is in my lap as I type this. Sometimes he sits up so that he can watch my fingers type, other times Atticus is content to sleep.

We often say that our pets have the good life. I think that they make the good life for themselves. They choose to look for the good things in their lives and find contentment there. Atticus does not appear to sit around thinking about the ways that his life could be different or better. He finds contentment in a warm spot to nap, a fresh bowl of water and looks for an opportunity to create his special brand of mischief. Trust me, he capitalizes on those opportunities.

This is another reminder that if we slow down and pay attention, we can learn something. Atticus does not care that some may not like him; he ignores that fact and focuses on the fact that some do like him. He may read my blog at night after I am asleep and know that he does have his own following. Maybe he delights in the fact that my very own mother and my friends like him. Atticus happily surrounds himself with the ideas that make him happy.

Atticus does not concern himself with the things he does not have, he realizes that it would interfere with the things that make him happy. He believes that life will provide the special moments for sleep and mischief; he finds contentment in knowing that a new day will bring many new possibilities to his feline life.

Atticus enjoys his share of contentment.  There is joy in sleeping in Kevin’s chair moments before he is about to walk in, knowing the location of missing items, and the many naps that he takes. He has goals for his life; don’t think that Atticus lacks ambition. He must seek new ways to annoy Kevin, locate and scatter the contents of my purse and then there is that dog. The dog is a source of pleasure when kenneled.  The possibilities that arise daily for Atticus are endless.


  1. Atticus has it made in a warm spot to nap ... and in the shade?
    Our pets, I think bring us joy--but also life lessons to learn about ourselves, don't you think?
    hoping your well, warm and satisfied. :) Pat

    1. Yes, he does have it made. Winter, spring. summer and fall, he is comfy. Yes, they do bring us joy and teach us, if we are willing to learn from them! You recognized the whole point of that article. Thanks Pat and thanks for visiting us!

  2. I'd love Atticus to meet our 4 :-). Fun posts.

    1. Could we stand it Lynn! LOL!! He may share his mischevious ways your 4! Thanks Lynn and thanks for visiting!


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