Friday, February 28, 2014

Random 5 Fridays

1. My girls have had enough of winter and are ready for spring! The eggs they are laying now have been the best eggs that they have laid so far. Can't imagine having to buy eggs after having our own chickens, grocery store eggs can't compare!
2. This is the time of year that I want to clean everything and rearrange all of the furniture. I have plans for the weekend. The dining room and kitchen will get a refreshing and some rearranging.

3. We have had a taste of spring this week. The weather warmed a bit and there was a light dusting of pollen on the vehicles. Let the sneezing begin!

4. I am ready for a garden! This time of year makes me anxious for fresh picked tomatoes that are warm from the sun.

5. Spring is the time of year that I always feel that anything is possible. If it can be dreamed, then it can be accomplished!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Musing - Cell Phone Zombies

There seems to be an alarming trend on the rise or out of control rather. You have probably dealt with a phone zombie at some point. We were walking into a large local store recently and the person ahead of us was rather proud of her personal cell phone. She chose to share a personal conversation with anyone in earshot and was loud enough that everyone within a one mile radius must have heard her. Everyone knows now that this person is afraid that her “man” has been talking to another female and she is angry and extremely insecure about it. We went in the opposite direction and can honestly say that we don’t know how or if the conversation ended.

This is not an isolated event. It does not matter the age or social background of these cell phone zombies, they are equal opportunity offenders and are willing to share their private conversations publicly.   The sound of an incoming call sends these people into an odd type of alternate reality and various pieces of personal information will be shared. This makes me wonder if these zombies would normally broadcast such personal information without the aid of a cell phone.

Maybe there is something to this. If you are a reporter and want to interview someone to get the “scoop”, perhaps you should hand the interviewee a cell phone. They will spill their info. Imagine the witness on the witness stand, hand them a cell phone and they will tell all. Interviewing an applicant for a job? Simply ask them to use their cell phone.  Have a question for your teen? Once again, let them hold their cell phone up to their ear. The possibilities are endless.

Remember to use caution when dealing with these zombies. The phone call has a negative impact on their ability to exhibit consideration for others, most especially in stores.  The phone seems to make them forget that people other than themselves exist. Something happens to these people when their phone rings. Their eyes change and they apparently enter into some type of trance. Common sense and courtesy exit their body. The phone zombie is about to broadcast their conversation. You will be assaulted one way or another if you are in the vicinity. Keep your small children close when you see these phone zombies, they will not hesitate to run over a small child or anyone for that matter, with their buggy.

Technology has improved our lives in many ways. Cell phones are an example, if used properly. It is odd that we have come so far, yet we have not advanced in the areas of courtesy and self control.  We should remember that if we are speaking in public, that those around us can hear what we are saying. You may feel that your call is “safe” and no one is listening, but if you are in public that doesn’t matter. Be careful what you share!


Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Musing - Living In the Moment

Jennanydots, George and Atticus in the background
This past week brought its share of unpleasant weather.  The dreary, cold and wet weather seemed endless. I should have seen it coming; these thoughts always pave the way for a life lesson.
Thursday afternoon brought sunshine to our area. I walked to the window. Our cat, Jennyanydots was napping outside. She awoke and slowly stretched, as if the sunshine was the most decadent luxury imaginable. Jenny lifted her face towards the sunshine, appreciating the warmth and began to give herself a bath. Jenny was living in the moment, the past few winter days were a memory that she chose to ignore. It was a lovely, sunny afternoon despite the cool temperature.
The realization washed over me that there is still so much to learn. I was wearing warm clothes, holding a mug of coffee, looking outside from a warm home, while complaining. Jenny was appreciating the sunshine that had been missing since Monday and enjoying the simple pleasure of a bath after a nap. It was obvious that one of us had it wrong, and it wasn’t Jennyanydots.  Jenny is once again the teacher and I am the unwilling student.
Why should I complain? Jenny was outside. She eats the same thing each day yet a nap in the sunshine is a gift. She knows how to appreciate a luxury. The student had failed again. My attitude was wrong and needed an adjustment.
My mind began to race with ideas; there was no time to reprimand myself. That much needed paradigm shift had appeared and should be recognized. My eyes were drawn to the leash and the sleeping dog. I picked it up and the sound woke her. A walk would do us both some good.
My husband came home to the smells of homemade soup and chocolate cake. Why should I share a dreary attitude with him, when I could offer something better?  I chose live in the moment and appreciate my gifts, the first being a husband that came home.  This seemingly small change was quickly noticed. The first thing he said was “something smells good” as he smiled. My efforts were appreciated.
Jennyanydots has chosen to acknowledge and enjoy those small gifts wherever she finds them. Why shouldn’t I learn to do the same thing? Gifts are offered to us daily if we choose to recognize accept and appreciate them. How many will we find today?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Random 5 Valentine's Day

My Mom found these and gave then to me a couple of years ago, It was a collection of cards and letters from my childhood. A box filled with happy memories!
Now, I realize as I look at them, they are a bit dated, perhaps even vintage now. How did that happen?

Random 5 Valentine's Memories
1. The first Valentine's Day gift I received from a boy was a heart shaped box of cinnamon hearts. I was delighted and couldn't stop smiling. His name was Jeff and those are sweet memories!
2. One year my Mom made sugar cookies for all of us and she came by my office to drop them off. I wasn't there when she came by. When I came back to the office she had been there and the plate was on my desk. I had a meeting with someone. Yes, I shared, but only 1 cookie. You have to understand, her cookies are the best!
3. I enjoyed Valentine's Day when my daughter was little. It was fun to take her to the store to pick out cards for her friends! I hope that she remembers that and has happy memories.
4. My husband always remembers to say "Happy Valentines Day Honey" first thing on that morning. This morning was no exception.
5. When my daughter was small and learning to talk, she would say "I ujj (love) you too much Mommy". That was the sweetest sound in the world to me and wish I had a recording of her saying it. Every mother wants to hear their child say those words, no matter how old they are.
A Rural Journal for Random 5 Friday

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Grown Up Emmett

Do you remember this little fellow? His name is Emmett. Emmett came to live with us when his mother died. He was 2 days old and was bottle fed. Emmett's brother went to another home, he became a pet for a little girl. This was an experience that I am grateful for. It gave me the opportunity to learn more about goats. Looking at Emmett's buds on top of his head, I can't help but smile. I miss those days and enjoyed the time with these orphans.
Time passed and Emmett grew and changed. He developed his special male goat smell - or stink. His horns grew and he was becoming a male goat. It became clear that he would not be happy here and we did not want to wether Emmett. We felt that he should do what he was born to do, and that is to be a male goat, not a pet.
The decision was made to send Emmett back to the farm where he was born. There were females there and he would be happy. Emmett could full fill his purpose in life.
This is what Emmett looks like now. He has a good life and is the father of 6 so far! Emmett is happy. This is how he should live his life.  We visited Emmett this past weekend, he had not forgotten us or the special goat cookies. We saw the new additions and Emmett seemed proud. Then this grown up goat quickly turned into the baby that needed to be scratched and fed.
Emmett is a grown up and living his life as it should be lived. There is a sense of satisfaction for me in knowing that I helped make this possible for him. There are no regrets for me, even if I miss the little stinker.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Musing - Hope Flowers

It happened just this week, the flowers appeared. I noticed a glimpse of their bright yellow in our yard as I took the dog outside. The flowers that I had waited for were here. They have proper names of course, but my daughter called them baffomils when she was a toddler. The memory makes me smile as much as their appearance.
These are the flowers of hope for me. Winter will not last forever. Despite the bitter cold that we have endured, the rising cost to heat our homes, the ice and the seemingly endless supply of dreary days, these flowers return each year. These flowers of hope emerge into a drab world to remind us that spring is coming. There is life after winter.  It may be a wish and a seemingly distant memory, but it will be a reality soon. I am smiling as I type this. The hope has arrived, the baffomils are here.
My mind wanders as I stare at these beauties. Do they communicate with each other? Are they laughing, singing and speaking the language that only flowers understand? They may be writing the poetry of the flower world and laughing at us because we thought winter would never end. Can you imagine their laughter as they say to each other “silly people, they forget we come each year to remind them that spring is coming”. Do they stand tall and call out to children “pick me, pick me” as they walk past? Are they excited over the brief moments of winter sunshine and are these flowers aware of the responsibility that rests on delicate petals? The announcement that spring will surely come again is a responsibility embraced by these bright yellow blooms. Despite the dreariness of winter, the Hope Flowers survived to perform their duty again.
Their arrival is always timely and during winters such as this one, a welcome sight. Spring will follow winter. The dreary days will end and nature’s renewal will occur. Gardens will be planted, chicks will hatch and other animal babies will be born. The days will grow longer and warmer as the cycle of renewal occurs again. People will spend more time outside. We will then complain about the heat rather than the cold. The Hope flowers have arrived, after all “Hope springs eternal”. Look Katie, the baffomils have come back!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Musing - My Grandcat Smut

My now married daughter told me some time ago that she had decided that her cat, Smut would be the closest thing to a grandchild that she would be providing. This is my fault and I know it. When she was a teenager, I told her that she should have 10 children that would be just like her. I also wished that she would have the health, longevity and financial resources to care for these children. This wish must have frightened her terribly.
Smut is now my grandcat. Yes, I accept Katie’s decision and respect her choice. There is still plenty of time for her to change her mind if she feels the need to do so, I embrace my grandcat and celebrate her birthday in June. Smut receives Christmas presents too. Katie sends me texts and pictures of Smut. She tells me stories about Smut’s antics, she is mischievous, playful and energetic.
There are many differences. I can’t look at Smut and remember how my daughter looked at that age. There is no family resemblance on either side. Those differences could create problems.
There are no framed pictures of my grandcat at my house. I lack the plethora of pictures that other grandparents have on their walls and in their wallets. My friends talk about their grandchildren, no one asks about my grandcat.  My friends have pictures and show them off, no one asks to see a picture of my grandcat.  Does my grandcat realize that we are different? Is her ego damaged beyond repair and will she require counseling because of the bias that exists in our world?
Katie calls me and tells me about the things that Smut does. Her stories are amusing and Atticus could be considered boring in comparison. Does Smut realize that my friends are sharing stories about their grandchildren and is she trying to compensate by creating stories about herself? Does Smut want them to know that she finds herself just as amusing and interesting as a real grandchild?
The truth is that my daughter’s decision is supported by her mother, whatever that decision may be. I will laugh at the stories and smile at the pictures. She may not be a grandchild, but she is Smut, my grandcat. That also means that she is Kevin’s grandcat too, and my mother has a great-grandcat! You know that I am laughing about that don’t you?