Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Musing - Mini Peep

Wednesday morning, I heard a peep coming from the incubator. Excitedly I ran to see the new chick! It was one of Little Peep’s eggs. The chick is covered in a yellow fur, the feathers will come later. This new chick was trying to stand up. It is amazing to watch them learn the things they will need to know in their lifetimes.

We were a bit excited because this is Little Peep’s chick, then we wondered. How much like Little Peep will this chick become? Will this chick need to be rescued from possibly life ending situations? Will this chick stop and stare off into space? Did we do the right thing by placing Little Peep’s eggs in the incubator? Will this chick grow to be as gentle as Little Peep? Time will answer these questions.

The news was shared with Little Peep that morning. She looked at me, trying to understand my words. Little Peep turned her head sideways a bit and just then a bird flew by. She watched the bird in the tree, but then she heard a buzzing sound, followed by the antics of a curious cat. Attempts to regain her attention were futile. Little Peep was unconcerned about the idea of motherhood, nor does she care what we name this Mini Peep. Little Peep can’t pay attention to anything long enough to process information.  Something always interrupts her train of thought. She did not share my excitement.

Ruby Tuesday was excited, but she didn’t know what she was excited about. She knew that something happened and her person was happy about it. It must be good and there are probably some special goat cookies involved. Gus the goose didn’t care, he only wants to keep Kevin away from me and enjoy the time spent guarding me from the evil cats or any other creatures do not meet his approval. The other chickens don’t care either. The cats were unconcerned as well. The happy event was ignored.

Watching the tired and newly hatched chick sleep I wondered what lay ahead and hoped that this Mini Peep would not have as many accidents as Little Peep. We will find out soon enough. Mini Peep rests now, gathering the strength needed for a chick life, for now Mini Peep is content to dream the dreams that baby chicks dream. I sure hope this isn’t a rooster.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

What Would You Do With This?

Last July, I came clean and admitted that I took part in the "country" decorating of the 80's. You can read about it here. I had a corner shelf that I painted white and the inside was painted a soft yellow. We thought that we didn't want painted furniture then, everything had to be stained wood.
There were some things that I held onto for one reason or another. This piece belonged to a friend of mine and I always admired it. She gave it to me about 15 years ago. V called it a spice cabinet. It has been upstairs for some time now, then I thought that I should give it a second look. My husband brought it downstairs last night.
The piece looks dated, but I still like it. Maybe it just needs an update? I love it except for the heart cut out in the bottom section. What were we thinking then?

Opinions please. What would you do with it? Give it a coat of paint? What color would you choose? What would you do with the heart cut out? I would like to give this well made piece a new life. It will be in my kitchen. The walls are a soft yellow and the trim is white. My kitchen cabinets are white also. We live in an old farmhouse and I have tried to keep with that theme throughout the house.
Tell me what would you do with this piece. How would you give it a new life? I can't decide what to do with it.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Musing - Blast from the Past, Clover

Last week kept me busy and I did not have a column for the paper this past week, so I am sharing an older column today. Clover was with us then, sadly we lost her that summer. The heat was too much and we couldn't get her cooled down. She was the first goat we had and she had a larger than life personality! I have missed her terribly and before Clover came along I did not understand how attached you could become to a goat. Clover taught me many things, but she taught me that goats are awesome! She refused to get married and have kids, but her nephew Emmett is a father. Maybe one day we will get one of his kids. Emmett was an orphan and Clover's twin sister was his mother. We know that no goat can fill the very large hoof prints that Clover left, but this would be as close as we could get to having a bit of Clover here with us. Hope that you enjoy this blast from the past.

Clover and I share many discussions, these conversations are often one sided. Clover is agreeable as long as her special goat cookies are involved. Mostly she doesn’t care what the conversation is about, she just loves the attention. If Clover feels that an answer is in order, then she will rub against me for a positive response. The negative responses are always crystal clear, a snort, turning and walking away, or banging her head against the gate, the most emphatic way of voicing her disapproval.

My gentle, mischievous, and smart goat always knows exactly what she wants and attempts to help me understand goat language. My boys are older now, and the possibility of keeping one boy for Clover has been an idea that we tossed around. Each boy was carried to the gate, Clover sniffed his face, stomped her foot and banged her head against the gate in disapproval. Guessing that she means no way if that happening.

There has been a previous attempt in securing Clover a husband. Bill E. Goat attempted to persuade Clover to take his hoof in marriage, but Clover refused. Bill shouted sweet goat nothings to Clover, she ignored him. He called to her through the night. Clover refused to look his way. The final attempt to begin the courtship ended with Bill standing behind me trembling, and an adamant Clover stomping her foot. Poor Bill E. Goat left in disgrace. Bill trembles when he hears that name now. Professional help will be required to restore his damaged ego.

Clover is a goat woman that knows what she wants. Freedom of choice is demanded by this head strong female. Neither of the boys will be acceptable. Clover has made her choice. A conversation with Clover’s previous owner revealed the wisdom in Clover’s decision. These sweet little orphaned goat boys were born to Clover’s sister. Clover can’t marry her nephews! Clover was right again.

Today, Easter Sunday, one of my little boys will go to a new home. He will go to a loving home, and will be a child’s pet. He will be a gift from Grandparents to a very special little granddaughter. His twin brother will remain with us for a while longer. Time will reveal the rest of this story.

Friday, April 18, 2014

One Last Look

There are fewer flowers on the Bridal Wreath Bush. There will be no new blooms until next year. Thought I would give you one last look, until next year.
Wishing you each a lovely Easter Weekend!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sneak A Peek

Spring has sprung all over the place here, allergies are working overtime this week! My desire is to spend the entire day outside, my allergies remind me that is not the best idea!
Welcome to another Random 5, linking to Nancy over at A Rural Journal. This is one of my favorite link parties, it is so fun to visit as well as link up! Here are my Random 5 for the week.
1. The Hutch was painted this week! Woo Hoo!

2. The color is called Celery Bunch. It needs a couple of touch ups and the hardware must be put on. I loved the hutch when I saw it, but when I painted it, I really did love it!

3. Now that the weather is warming, I haven't baked as much, but I did make a brownie pie this week. So easy and so yummy, it was topped with fresh whipped caramel cream. All calories were removed before the pie was made. Hey, it's my story and I can believe it if I want to!

4. The Bridal Wreath Bush has been so pretty this year. It is a favorite old fashioned bush of many. A number of people comment on it and will tell a story about a childhood memory and this type of bush.

5. My daughter was on the radio this morning! It was a station in a neighboring town WQXZ 103.9. Yes, I am that Mom, the one that saves newspaper clippings, listens to her on the radio and tapes her TV interviews when I can. She told the gentleman that her Mom was listening and I got a "hey Mom/Melanie" from them! Katie was talking about a concert she had attended last night and promoting her part in the Keep America Beautiful. See I told you I am that Mom, I could go on for many paragraphs about this! I do like their morning show and plan to listen everyday now.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Finds

Sometimes you manage to find yourself in the right place at the right time and find that certain something you have wanted for the right price. Such was the case this weekend.
My side porch needed a hutch, or so I thought, but I think it needs a bed swing too. I had looked hoping to find one this past winter with no luck. Saturday I found one, it is need of a little love, the price was right and I thought it was perfect!

I am thinking a lovely shade of green, what do you think?

We had a new addition to the flock this morning. I heard chirping coming from the incubator and this little one had just arrived! This is Little Peep's chick! There are 3 other eggs, but no noise or pips yet.
We are expected to have nasty weather today, I hear the thunder rumbling as I type this and we are under a tornado watch. Hope that you are safe and dry today! Hope this bad weather doesn't interfere with the internet connection today, I need to visit my blog pals!

Monday Musing - My Inner Child

We each have a child inside of us. My inner little girl is excited about springtime. Little Melanie looked out the window daily longing for winter to leave. The day finally came that the Hope Flowers bloomed. When the grown up me saw them, the child laughed so hard that the grown up laughed too. It was a sign that winter would not last forever.
My inner child continued to stare out the window waiting and not very patiently either. The day came to plant potatoes and touch the dirt again. She was overjoyed that afternoon. The cool late afternoon air reminded the grown up exterior that it was time to go back in the house. My inner child cried that evening.
Little Melanie gets excited each year as the incubator is brought out. The eggs are carefully selected, it was important that an egg from Little Peep went into the incubator. We candled the eggs, monitoring their growth. She anxiously waited for the day the new chicks would arrive.
The first pip caused so much excitement; it was almost time for the new chicks. The faint chirping was heard and the crack in the shell grew. Henrietta’s egg hatched first. The chick struggled to emerge from the shell and finally take its first steps. I heard myself saying “please don’t be a rooster” several times. Three more chicks came into the world. There are now 4 tiny fluff balls. Each one is unique and mixed breed from 4 different hens. Little Peep’s egg did not hatch.
Little Melanie plays with the chicks and they know and respond to the sound of her voice. Springtime chicks are a delight and the child inside was happy to plant flowers also. My inner child has plans. She will repaint the birdhouse, although the sparrows will probably make a home there. She will plant more flowers and get the bird bath ready. She will sit in the grass guarded by a goose named Gus and loved by a cat named Jennydots. The day will come that the weather is just right and she will slip off her shoes and feel the cool grass beneath her toes. My inner child will watch the bees do their work and laugh at the antics of growing chicks. Listen carefully and you may hear her laughter, or is that the laughter of your own inner child?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bridal Wreath Bush

We live in an old farmhouse and there are a few old flowers still here. Bridal Wreath Bush is one of those old flowers.

The blooms are delicate and small flowers.

The blooms will not last long, sadly.

The blooms appear at the beginning of spring, after the Daffodils have faded.

Bridal Wreath is the name that I have always heard. The picture above reminds me more of a bridal bouquet than a wreath.
It is one of the few remaining older plants left here and is a favorite of mine. The appearance of the old fashioned bloom is proof that spring is here!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Chicks

This is Tallulah Bell, she has watched the progress. It is easy to imagine what she is thinking.
We have 4 new chicks! 1 chick is an Americauna, they lay blue shelled eggs. The others are mixed breeds and should lay brown eggs if all are hens. The eggs are not blue, only the shells. I have found this to be a good breed. The hens are gentle and friendly and the roosters are good protectors, but not as aggressive towards us.
It is exciting to watch them grow and change! We candle the eggs weekly during incubation and keep up with the progress of the chicks. It is an amazing experience to watch their progress!
Generally the first chick that hatches is a cheerleader and will "call" the others out of their shells. It will sit beside the next egg about to hatch and appears to be cheering the chick on! The next chicks do not seem to take as long to hatch.