Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Musing - Blast from the Past, Clover

Last week kept me busy and I did not have a column for the paper this past week, so I am sharing an older column today. Clover was with us then, sadly we lost her that summer. The heat was too much and we couldn't get her cooled down. She was the first goat we had and she had a larger than life personality! I have missed her terribly and before Clover came along I did not understand how attached you could become to a goat. Clover taught me many things, but she taught me that goats are awesome! She refused to get married and have kids, but her nephew Emmett is a father. Maybe one day we will get one of his kids. Emmett was an orphan and Clover's twin sister was his mother. We know that no goat can fill the very large hoof prints that Clover left, but this would be as close as we could get to having a bit of Clover here with us. Hope that you enjoy this blast from the past.

Clover and I share many discussions, these conversations are often one sided. Clover is agreeable as long as her special goat cookies are involved. Mostly she doesn’t care what the conversation is about, she just loves the attention. If Clover feels that an answer is in order, then she will rub against me for a positive response. The negative responses are always crystal clear, a snort, turning and walking away, or banging her head against the gate, the most emphatic way of voicing her disapproval.

My gentle, mischievous, and smart goat always knows exactly what she wants and attempts to help me understand goat language. My boys are older now, and the possibility of keeping one boy for Clover has been an idea that we tossed around. Each boy was carried to the gate, Clover sniffed his face, stomped her foot and banged her head against the gate in disapproval. Guessing that she means no way if that happening.

There has been a previous attempt in securing Clover a husband. Bill E. Goat attempted to persuade Clover to take his hoof in marriage, but Clover refused. Bill shouted sweet goat nothings to Clover, she ignored him. He called to her through the night. Clover refused to look his way. The final attempt to begin the courtship ended with Bill standing behind me trembling, and an adamant Clover stomping her foot. Poor Bill E. Goat left in disgrace. Bill trembles when he hears that name now. Professional help will be required to restore his damaged ego.

Clover is a goat woman that knows what she wants. Freedom of choice is demanded by this head strong female. Neither of the boys will be acceptable. Clover has made her choice. A conversation with Clover’s previous owner revealed the wisdom in Clover’s decision. These sweet little orphaned goat boys were born to Clover’s sister. Clover can’t marry her nephews! Clover was right again.

Today, Easter Sunday, one of my little boys will go to a new home. He will go to a loving home, and will be a child’s pet. He will be a gift from Grandparents to a very special little granddaughter. His twin brother will remain with us for a while longer. Time will reveal the rest of this story.


  1. Clover was meant to be single :-) such a heart warming Miss Clover story. Lucky little billy goat and a grand daughter...

    1. You are right Lynn, she was meant to be a single gal. Emmett has a good life, he is the only male in a pasture of females! He is always so happy when I visit him and runs to visit with me. He is also a proud papa!

  2. Hi Melanie, what a wonderful story. Like Lynn said, Clover was meant to be a single lady. He life had another purpose and she gave from the heart. Love this and thank you for sharing.
    Thank you also for stopping by and your kind comment. Hope you do try the slate project.
    Have a great day sweet friend.

    1. Looking back now, I think you are right, Clover was to remain a single gal. She had another purpose to fullfill and she knew it. Thank you friend and yes, I plan to try that project, it was too awesome not to give it a try! Thanks for visiting!


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