Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Musing - Mini Peep

Wednesday morning, I heard a peep coming from the incubator. Excitedly I ran to see the new chick! It was one of Little Peep’s eggs. The chick is covered in a yellow fur, the feathers will come later. This new chick was trying to stand up. It is amazing to watch them learn the things they will need to know in their lifetimes.

We were a bit excited because this is Little Peep’s chick, then we wondered. How much like Little Peep will this chick become? Will this chick need to be rescued from possibly life ending situations? Will this chick stop and stare off into space? Did we do the right thing by placing Little Peep’s eggs in the incubator? Will this chick grow to be as gentle as Little Peep? Time will answer these questions.

The news was shared with Little Peep that morning. She looked at me, trying to understand my words. Little Peep turned her head sideways a bit and just then a bird flew by. She watched the bird in the tree, but then she heard a buzzing sound, followed by the antics of a curious cat. Attempts to regain her attention were futile. Little Peep was unconcerned about the idea of motherhood, nor does she care what we name this Mini Peep. Little Peep can’t pay attention to anything long enough to process information.  Something always interrupts her train of thought. She did not share my excitement.

Ruby Tuesday was excited, but she didn’t know what she was excited about. She knew that something happened and her person was happy about it. It must be good and there are probably some special goat cookies involved. Gus the goose didn’t care, he only wants to keep Kevin away from me and enjoy the time spent guarding me from the evil cats or any other creatures do not meet his approval. The other chickens don’t care either. The cats were unconcerned as well. The happy event was ignored.

Watching the tired and newly hatched chick sleep I wondered what lay ahead and hoped that this Mini Peep would not have as many accidents as Little Peep. We will find out soon enough. Mini Peep rests now, gathering the strength needed for a chick life, for now Mini Peep is content to dream the dreams that baby chicks dream. I sure hope this isn’t a rooster.



  1. Replies
    1. LOL!! Thanks! We ended up with 2 of Little Peep's chicks, just hope they are not roosters! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Happy to hear about the new arrival. I too love chicks and enjoy with them!
    I enjoy all your post and i am a follower of your blog. I wish you to visit my blog and be a member of mine!

    1. Glad that you enjoyed the article! It is always good to hear that someone enjoys my work. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Hi Melanie, Congrats on the new arrival. Nothing better then watching a new life make their way.
    Thanks for sharing in your wonderful way with words. Enjoyed it!!
    Have a special day!

    1. Thank you! You are right, nothing better than watching new life make their way. I am so glad that you enjoyed reading about Mini Peep and I hope that Mini Peep will lead a drama free life, unlike Little Peep who has not been drama free. Thank you for visiting!


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