Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Musing - My Inner Child

We each have a child inside of us. My inner little girl is excited about springtime. Little Melanie looked out the window daily longing for winter to leave. The day finally came that the Hope Flowers bloomed. When the grown up me saw them, the child laughed so hard that the grown up laughed too. It was a sign that winter would not last forever.
My inner child continued to stare out the window waiting and not very patiently either. The day came to plant potatoes and touch the dirt again. She was overjoyed that afternoon. The cool late afternoon air reminded the grown up exterior that it was time to go back in the house. My inner child cried that evening.
Little Melanie gets excited each year as the incubator is brought out. The eggs are carefully selected, it was important that an egg from Little Peep went into the incubator. We candled the eggs, monitoring their growth. She anxiously waited for the day the new chicks would arrive.
The first pip caused so much excitement; it was almost time for the new chicks. The faint chirping was heard and the crack in the shell grew. Henrietta’s egg hatched first. The chick struggled to emerge from the shell and finally take its first steps. I heard myself saying “please don’t be a rooster” several times. Three more chicks came into the world. There are now 4 tiny fluff balls. Each one is unique and mixed breed from 4 different hens. Little Peep’s egg did not hatch.
Little Melanie plays with the chicks and they know and respond to the sound of her voice. Springtime chicks are a delight and the child inside was happy to plant flowers also. My inner child has plans. She will repaint the birdhouse, although the sparrows will probably make a home there. She will plant more flowers and get the bird bath ready. She will sit in the grass guarded by a goose named Gus and loved by a cat named Jennydots. The day will come that the weather is just right and she will slip off her shoes and feel the cool grass beneath her toes. My inner child will watch the bees do their work and laugh at the antics of growing chicks. Listen carefully and you may hear her laughter, or is that the laughter of your own inner child?


  1. Very sweet Melanie! I definitely have an inner child.. :)

    1. Mine has been excited about spring! Thank you for visiting!!!


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