Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Musing - Roses and Lemons


Daddy shared his wisdom with us; most of that wisdom was learned from his father. The wisdom that comes from old farmers is proven and sound advice. Life taught me that Daddy’s wisdom and advice could be depended upon.

Life isn’t always fair or kind. We must learn to accept the good and bad things that life offers. Daddy often told me, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”. He taught me to make sweet lemonade when life offered you the worst, because you will need refreshment during those difficult times.

My life changed and the lemons overwhelmed me. It was time to make lemonade. There were so many lemons, that I had to make lemon pies, cookies and everything lemon that I could imagine. There were enough goodies that I am able to share the sweet.

Those unexpected and unwanted lemons proved to be a valuable gift. The opportunity to give away a treat is a blessing. Life’s lemons have a purpose and we are given the opportunity to choose how we will use them.

The roses that we encounter in life have thorns. These are uncomfortable lessons to learn. Parents attempt to teach these lessons early, but some lessons are best learned as adults.

My daughter was an only child and grew up with a pet. Katie decided that Bess would be the closest she would get to a sister, and she was. Katie gave her the nick name of Boopsie. Bess lived with us for almost 18 years and is buried in Mama’s flower garden. We planted a rose bush there.

The thorn of losing our pet is eased when we see and smell the lovely roses. The roses trigger sweet memories for both of us. We call them the Boopsie Roses. This was my attempt to teach my grown daughter a grown up lesson about thorns, as there have been more thorns since then.

Life will always offer more than enough thorns and lemons. Some will be easier to handle than others. Lemons and roses are seasonal and will not last forever. It is important to reap the benefits quickly. My lemons remain for a season, but the benefits will last a lifetime. That old farmer wisdom is still valid. It guides and often comforts me as an adult and has taught me to appreciate lemons and roses.


Thursday, August 27, 2015


Life brings change into our lives. Sometimes the change is good and sometimes that change is not what you had planned. My life has been filled with more of that unexpected and unwanted change for the past 15 months than I ever dreamed I would be able to handle!

Life lessons are never fun to learn. My life has taken a different direction, many things have changed. My home is no longer in the country, my livestock has been dispersed into different directions, I have a job and the demands that go along with that job. My heart broke because of the changes. Suck it up Cupcake became the words I spoke to myself numerous times during the day.

Settling into a new routine and life was not easy, but I survived. My heart will always be in the country and one day I will return. My adventures have changed and my life has changed.

My column, Mellie's Musings was put aside for awhile. It will be back in the paper this week and I will post it here for my family and friends that are not local. I wondered what I would have to say at this point, but I found that there is more to write about.

Years ago, my Uncle Zeke gave me some advice. He told me that every morning that you wake up is a gift from God. You have the opportunity to start again no matter how bad the previous day had been. That was wise advice and has served me well.

Change happens, good and bad. We have to decide how to deal with that change. Will it break you or will it recreate you?