Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Musing Atticus Seeking Employment

The events in Atticus’ life interest some readers. These readers have never chased him up and down stairs to give him medication, or attempted to kennel him for the dreaded trip to the vet. They aren’t missing any items from their purse nor have they had the feeling that they are being laughed at by a cat. Their Christmas tree hasn’t been destroyed and they aren’t missing any ornaments. Those ornaments weren’t discovered when I moved. Perhaps they would feel differently if they had firsthand knowledge of these events.

Atticus has adjusted to his new life rather well. He sits in his favorite window and watches his new neighbors. They have gotten to know him and wave at him; I thought they were waving at me. They thought that was funny. He enjoys the fact that his admirers acknowledge his presence.

He will have new adventures in his new home. His current interest has been the AC return. What is behind that sound and why does his fur feel funny when he gets close? He watches as the filter is changed, making mental notes. My tiny tool bag is hidden for this reason. Can you imagine the scene? I would come in from work and find tools scattered, the filter shredded and the dog innocently wagging her tail. The AC unit would never be the same. His world may be smaller, but his desire for trouble hasn’t diminished. Atticus is always on the lookout for any opportunity to create chaos. He is the reason that I do not have a good tube of lipstick. I haven’t been able to find that same shade again, since he destroyed the last tube.

Perhaps Atticus and Sophie are really the smart ones. They sit at home in comfort, while I work. They demand food and I deliver. They do no housekeeping and they don’t pay taxes. They have their own toys, treats and a bed to sleep in. They create mischief and I clean it up. This makes me realize some things. I am really working for them. They are my bosses.

Maybe they should seek employment and they would have less time to cause trouble. Does anyone know of an employer willing to hire a cat with a desire for mischief and an innocent looking dog? Atticus isn’t concerned about this possibility, he remains the king of our apartment, Christmas ornaments beware!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday Musing - The Things We Leave Behind

Life brings many unexpected changes. These changes often send us in new directions. A move may cause us to leave things and sometimes people behind. A move to a different home means that it is time to clean out and get rid of unwanted things, and keep what is important. We carry our treasures with us. What about the people we are forced to leave behind? Do we really leave them where they are?

Their memory goes with us. The time spent with those people becomes a memory that grows sweeter; it is a treasure that we do not leave behind. Life brings change and change brings about growth if we allow it, much like a vine that has been pruned. The pruning may hurt, but the new growth can be lovely and life changing.

My life has been filled with change in the last year and there are more changes coming. Doubts and fears could control my thoughts and prevent the new growth. The people that are a part of my daily life may be changing, but their memory will remain with me. The lessons learned and wisdom offered become a part of me and create the person I will become. It would be sad to encounter people without learning from them and growing ourselves. What a loss!

Individuals each have their own unique story and will often share their story with those willing to listen. Each story could impact your life in some way. It is like searching for buried treasure and listening will bring a reward. These are people that impact our lives in a positive way. My life has been filled with this type of treasure. No matter where I have lived; those treasured and sweet memories go with me.

Change will continue to be a part of our lives in its various forms. We are able to choose how this change affects us although we are not always able to choose or control our circumstances. Sometimes the things we think we are leaving behind are actually remaining with us. Bitter can become sweet and the changes we dreaded can be the best thing that ever happened to us. A very wise lady told me that “a bright shiny day is coming behind that cloud”. She is one of my treasures and her wisdom will remain with me.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Late Monday Musing Atticus' New Life

Do you believe that cats have a sense of humor? I think so. The things that happen to me as I get ready for work are proof enough for me. My offspring would agree and she could probably tell a few stories that I would prefer that she kept to herself. She has seen me run in high heels. I don’t do that anymore, it isn’t safe for me or Atticus.

Atticus is now the one who watches with amusement as I get ready for work. He smiles and he probably laughs when I leave. Atticus follows me down the hall after my coffee, knowing that the show is about to begin. Atticus hops up onto the freshly made bed to get a better view. The phone will usually ring and if he is lucky I will forget to finish applying my make up or mess up. He hopes that someone will come to the door and he will watch me stumble down the hall with my hair half done while searching for my shoes and trying to recall who was scheduled for what this morning.

There is always the amusing scenario that should I change my mind about what to wear I may not be able to find the right accessories for the different outfit. Perhaps he will find something that he likes in my purse and will take it, or he could attempt to fit his massive behind inside of my purse, or maybe he will get a colorful bracelet or an earring to play with and hide.

A favorite trick is to lie down on something that I am looking for and innocently purr while I search. He knows what he is doing. I am glad that he doesn’t have a video camera; I don’t need the type of stress in my life. Maybe he would start writing a column for this paper describing his mischievous antics.

Atticus hasn’t realized that my job provides a comfortable place for him to live, cat food and his favorite kitty treats, it isn’t for his personal amusement. He is making his own brand of lemonade because he is now stuck with a dog for a companion during the day. Sophie doesn’t provide amusement and doesn’t have a purse to ransack. Atticus has adjusted to his new life rather well. His sense of humor has remained intact and his mischievous behavior continues. Now he must decide what he will do to my Christmas tree this year.