Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bless Your Heart

Well bless your heart! Wouldn’t you like to have a nickel for every time you have heard that one? It is common to hear around here. You have probably heard it a number of times and may have said it.  We can all think of someone that needs a good heart blessing.
Bless your heart has numerous meanings. When someone has gone through tragedy or loss we say that to them to let them know we are able to sympathize or often empathize with them. We share those words in an attempt to console.

My Daddy often said “Bless your lil ol pea picking heart”. I heard that one a number of times and that is all that I have to say about that one. Sometimes it is a greeting when you haven’t seen someone in awhile, it is then used as a term of endearment. It is a cause for concern when someone says “bless their hearts” and “help my time” together. Mama said that often, of course my brothers were the cause, but y’all probably knew that. It was usually followed by an “I suwanee”.

Heart blessing is somewhat of a southern art form. The art of receiving the blessing is just as much of an art form as well. One must know the particulars of how and when to bless a heart as well as how to receive the heart blessing. Heart blessings should not be handed out for just any old thing! Mamas are especially good heart blessers and mine is no exception. She can bless a heart before you can bat an eyelash. Mama blessed our hearts numerous times especially after we had gotten hurt. She has blessed the hearts of family, friends, and those in need for as long as I can remember. Mama knows how and when to bless a heart.

Perhaps one day I will become a seasoned heart blesser just like my Mama and my Gran. They took the art form to another level, leaving the rest of us simply hoping to achieve their status. I can hope and try and then maybe one day I will be a seasoned heart blesser.

There are those that don’t understand that there are different meanings behind the phrase. These same people do not know how and when to suwanee. Seasoned heat blessers just simply look at them and say “bless their hearts, they just don’t understand”. 


  1. Yes, I grew up hearing " Bless your heart" and have said it a few times myself. Just recently I was shocked to hear that some people are offended by it!

  2. We always said bless your little pea pickin' heart and I think we heard that from Tennessee Ernie Ford. Bless your heart, Melanie. It's good to hear from you. Sometimes bless your heart is the best thing I can come up with when I don't know what to say.

  3. Oh yes, I do say this too! But it seems only as an endearment. Sounds like you had an amazing mother and grandmother! Enjoy those sweet memories!


  4. Sweet friend, what a joy to pop in for a visit! How have you been, dear Melanie? You have been in my thoughts...

    I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Yes, I do indeed hear the phrase a lot. My mother-in-law who is from North Carolina says it quite often. I confess that I don't say it, but maybe it's because I'm from the west {{smiles}}

    I think you are a heart blesser, dear one. You are a precious and kind soul. Love and hugs!


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